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A Lexicon of Symmachus' Special Vocabulary in His Translation of the Psalms

Johan Lust
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

General Introductory Remarks

1. Symmachus' translation was one of the early revisions of the Septuagint included in Origen's Hexapla. In ancient times his version was much appreciated for giving the sense of the Hebrew clearly and with reasonable elegance1. Jerome relied on it frequently for his own translation, the Latin Vulgate. Eventually, with the disappearance of the Hexapla, Symmachus' translation got lost. Only a few manuscript fragments, marginal manuscript readings, and patristic citations remain. The large majority of these remainders contain parts of the Psalms. Most of the direct evidence of the manuscript fragments of the Psalms has been published successively by C. Taylor (1900), C. Wessely (1910), and G. Mercati (1958), after the completion of F. Field's standard work on the Hexapla (Field 1867-1871)2. The editions of Taylor and Wessely were limited to a few verses: Pss 21,15-24; 68,30-33; and 80,11-14, respectively. The materials published by Mercati, in an impressive volume, are much more substantial: 17,26-48; 27,6-9; 28,1-3; 29,1-13; 30,1-10.20-25; 31,6-11; 34,1-2.13-18; 35,1-6; 45,1-12; 48,1-15; 88,26-53. Recently the whole lot has been collected in a critical edition by J. R. Busto Saiz (1978). Additional fragments were published by A. Schenker (1975): Pss 77,30-66; 78,1-13; 79,5-20; 80,8-16; 81,1-8; 82,2-16.

2. Recent studies of Symmachus' translation techniques have been produced by J. R. Busto Saiz for the Psalms (Busto Saiz 1978), J. González Luis for the Major Prophets (González Luis 1981), and A. Salvesen for the Pentateuch (Salvesen 1991). The latter offers a more general introduction to Symmachus, giving a critical reassessment of the exegetical peculiarities in his translation and of his religious identity, topics researched in the earlier works of A. Geiger (1862), H.-J. Schoeps (1942, 1945, 1948), and D. Barthélemy (1974)3.


3. Symmachus often uses a vocabulary different from, and more accurate than, that of the LXX. Many of his words do not occur in LXX, and some of them are neologisms. There is no up-to-date lexicon of this interesting vocabulary. Insofar as they were available in his days, J. Schleusner incorporated the readings of Symmachus, Aquila, and Theodotion in his Thesaurus published in 1820-1821 (Schleusner 1820-1821). It should be clear that his work is in need of revision, not only because of the new data have been discovered after the publication of the Thesaurus, but also because it translates the Greek vocabulary into Latin, which is not much of a help for many modern scholars and students. The Concordance to the Septuagint of E. Hatch and H. A. Redpath (1897) lists a good deal of the new materials, especially in the third part of the Supplement published in 1906 (Redpath 1906). The use of these data, however, is not without problems. First of all, the Concordance does not give a translation of the vocabulary. Second, insofar as the hexaplaric materials are concerned, no contexts are given, and the Hebrew equivalents are not provided.

4. In our Septuagint lexicon (Lust 1992, 1996) we confined ourselves to the vocabulary of Rahlfs' edition (Rahlfs 1935; several re-editions have been published as well), postponing the treatment of the vocabulary of "The Three" to later times. Now that the first edition of that lexicon has been completed, "The Three" call for renewed attention.

5. According to our planning, the lexicon of "The Three" has to list only the words used in the revisions that do not occur in the LXX. The reason for this limitation is purely pragmatic. For the vocabulary shared with LXX, the reader is referred to the Lexicon of the Septuagint. Of course, "The Three" may have given new meanings to some of these terms, meanings that are not dealt with in the Septuagint lexicon. The treatment of these nuances is, however, to be confided to the editors of a more complete and final lexicon of the Septuagint and its revisions.

6. As a rule, for each word the following data will be provided: (1) the reference to the passages in the Psalms where the lemma occurs, together with its Hebrew equivalent; (2) the immediate context in which the term occurs (s'), as far as available, with the Septuagint rendition of that context (o'); (3) an English equivalent based on the use of the term in its context.

7. Some of these elements are to be left open in cases where the context is lacking. When the Greek lemma and its context are known only through retro-translation from the Syro-Hexapla by Field (Field 1867-1871), then the whole text is italicized. Lemmas with a context preserved in the direct manuscript evidence are marked with an asterisk (*). Lemmas that also occur elsewhere in "The Three" are signalled by a colon (:) when the occurrences are in Aquila or Theodotion, and by a semi colon (;) when they are in Symmachus' translation of biblical books other than the Psalms. The numbering of chapters and verses is that of the Septuagint in the edition of Rahlfs. The footnotes discuss some text-critical problems and list the remaining materials of "The Three," without being exhaustive4.

8. The translation of the Psalms was chosen as a test case. The reasons for that selection are double. First, most of the direct evidence pertains to the domain of the Psalms. Second, a lexicon of "The Three" for the Psalms may be a useful instrument for those who prepare the critical edition of the Septuagint of the Psalms.

9. The test case is limited to the vocabulary of Symmachus. The reasons are again twofold. First, the recent in-depth studies of his Psalms translation by G. Mercati, A. Schenker, and J. R. Busto Saiz present an excellent basis for a lexicographical investigation. Especially the lists created by Busto Saiz come in very handy. Second, Symmachus' vocabulary is most interesting because of the judicious character of his selection of equivalents for the Hebrew words.


10. The following examples are taken from the first ten entries of the Symmachus Lexicon. Only two of them occur in passages preserved in the direct manuscript tradition: a)htthsi/a in Ps 30,5, and ai)qh/r in Ps 88,38, both marked with "*":
a)htthsi/a that which is unconquerablezw(m 30,5
s'*oti su ahtthsia mou
o'oti su ei o uperaspisthj mou

ai)qh/r; ether, heavenqx#$ 35,6
s'h bebaiothj mexri twn aiqerwn
o'h alhqeia sou ewj twn nefelwn
s'kai mexri tou aiqeroj
o'kai ewj twn nefelwn
s'en tw| aiqeri
o'en taij nefelaij
s'hxon edwken aiqhr
o'fwnhn edwkan ai nefelai
s'tij gar en aiqeri antiparaqhsei tw| kuriw|;
ecisasei tw| kuriw| en uioij qewn
o'oti tij en nefelaij iswqhsetai tw| kuriw|;

kai tij omoiwqhsetai tw| kuriw| en uioij qeou
s'*wj h mhnh edraia aiwniwj

o de diamarturomenoj en aiqeri pistoj
o'kai wj h selhnh kathrtismenh eij ton aiwna

kai o martuj en ouranw| pistoj

11. Several lemmas among the first ten are marked with a semicolon ";" signaling that these words also occur in Symmachus' translation of other biblical books:
a)gla/i+sma; ornament, honor#&w#&m 47,3
s'ap' arxhj afwrismenw| aglaismati pashj thj ghj
o'eurizwn agalliamati pashj thj ghj
tr)pt 88,18
s'oti aglaisma ahtthton autwn ei su
o'oti to kauxhma thj dunamewj autwn ei su
This word is also attested in Symmachus' translation of Prov 19,11.

a)glaismo/j; ornament, adorningNw#&#& 44,8
s'elaiou aglaismou para touj etairouj sou
o'elaion agalliasewj para touj metoxouj sou
This word is also attested in Symmachus' translation of Job 39,13.

ai)qh/r; ether, heaven
The occurrences of this lemma in the Psalms have been given above. For Symmachus' use of it elsewhere, see Deut 33,26; Job 36,28; 37,18.21; Prov 8,28; Jer 28,9 (51,9 MT).

14. None of the first ten lemmas are used by Theodotion, and only one, marked with ":", occurs in Aquila:
a)dhmone/w:; to be sorely dismayed, to be in anguishP+( (qal) 60,3
s'en tw| adhmonein thn kardian mou
o'en tw| akhdiasai thn kardian mou
zpx (qal) 115,2
s'kai eipon adhmonwn paj anqrwpoj diayeudetai
o'egw de eipa en tw| ekstasei mou paj anqrwpoj yeusthj
The verb in question is also provided with a semicolon ";" because it also occurs elsewhere in Symmachus. The full list of the preserved attestations of a)dhmone/w is as follows:
Aquila:Job 18,20
Symmachus:Pss 60,3; 115,2; Eccl 7,17; Ezek 3,15

15. In Ps 60,3 Symmachus uses the verb as a translation of P+(, to faint, to languish; in 115,2 (116,11 MT) it renders zpx, which, according to Köhler-Baumgartner means to hurry away in anguish. In the two remaining occurrences in Symmachus, and in the one in Aquila, it is employed as an equivalent of forms of Mm#$, to be appalled. It is not surprising to see that Symmachus renders three different Hebrew expressions (P+(, zpx Mm#$) by the same Greek word. Our translator does not seek to give a wooden translation in which each Greek word always corresponds to the same Hebrew, nor does he always seek to render the same Hebrew word by the same Greek. His main preoccupation is to provide an accurate equivalent. On the other hand, his use of ai)qh/r demonstrates that at times he seems to be more systematic in his replacement of Septuagint terminology. Although our concern is with lexicography and not with grammar and style, it may be useful to note that Symmachus often prefers a more elegant Greek style, avoiding the Semiticizing character of the Septuagint. The first sample may illustrate this to a certain extent. It refers to Ps 77,8, where Symmachus uses the adjective abebaioj rendering a hiphil of the verb Nm), combined with the negation )l.

Symmachus' Translation Vocabulary Illustrated by His Use of a)dhmone/w

16. In most cases, if not in all, the translation of Symmachus is more accurate or closer to non-translation Greek than that of the Septuagint. A brief investigation of the passages in which Symmachus uses a)dhmone/w may illustrate this. In 60,3, LXX uses a)khdia/w, a neologism derived from the substantive a)khdi/a, known from classical Greek medical texts, and referring to a state of apathy in illness (see Harl 1971). In the context in Ps 60, the fainting (P+() of the heart is caused by fear of the enemy. Symmachus does not see the need for a neologism to render this state of the heart, since the semantic field of the existing verb a)dhmone/w covers the meaning of P+( in this context. In Ps 115,2 LXX has the substantive e1kstasij for the Hebrew verb zpx5. This verb does not occur frequently in the Old Testament (9 times). With reference to Deut 20,3; 2 Sam 4,4; 2 Kgs 7,15 (qere); Pss 30(31),23; 115,2 (116,12); Job 40,23, the meaning of the qal is usually said to be to hurry away (in alarm, fright)6. It should be noted, however, that the connotation of hurrying seems to be totally absent from our text. Similarly, in the other instances in which the verb occurs, perhaps with the exception of 2 Sam 4,4, this meaning does not seem to be prominent. The basic connotation is that of fear, anguish. 'Adhmone/w adequately renders this meaning of the verb in its context of Ps 115,2 (116,11). The lexicographical choice of the Septuagint is not wrong. The term e1kstasij has the connotation of fear, terror, but then mostly when this emotion is inspired by something awful and supernatural, divine. In Ps 115,2 the fear appears to be caused by threatening and untrustworthy people. In this context, a)dhmone/w is to be preferred.

17. The verb a)dhmone/w is a good equivalent of Hebrew Mm#$ in the remaining three instances where it is used by Symmachus and Aquila. The most difficult and remarkable passage of these three is perhaps Ezek 3,15 where the prophet is said to sit among the exiles for seven days, "desolate, in anguish" (Mym#$m). The Septuagint has a)nastrefo/menoj, a passive or medial participle of a)nastre/fw, a verb usually functioning as an equivalent of bw#$, to turn. Followed by e)n me/sw|, the expected meaning of the Greek participle is conversant among. This is confirmed by Ezek 19,6, where a lion's cub is said to converse among the adult lions7. That Greek expression does not seem to be an adequate rendition of the Hebrew in 3,15. Symmachus' a)dhmonw=n is much more accurate. There is no reason to assume that the translator read another Hebrew word by mistake. It is to be noted, however, that in this context, the LXX does not refer to any angry or bitter emotions of the prophet. That is already so in the foregoing verse 14. According to MT, at the end of his vision, the prophet says "I went in bitterness (rm), my spirit raging (yxwr tmxb)." The Septuagint has no equivalent for rm, and has e)n o(rmh|= (in the impulse) for tmxb: "I went in the impulse of my spirit." Again Symmachus gives a more accurate version of MT: pepikramme/noj qumw|~ embittered with anger. It is not obvious why the prophet should have been bitter and angry after his vision that filled his mouth with a "taste sweet as honey" (3,3). This may explain why the Septuagint translator avoided all references to such negative feelings in this context.


18. These samples illustrate the need and the usefulness of a lexicon of "The Three," and in particular of Symmachus. They also demonstrate that it should not only provide a translation or an interpretation of the words used exclusively by "The Three," it should also give the data that are lacking in the concordance of Hatch and Redpath: the context of each word and its Hebrew equivalent.

Symbols and Abbreviations
a' or Aq= Aquila
q' or Th= Theodotion
s' or Sym= Symmachus
+= the Greek word is a "plus"; in the Psalm referred to after this sign there is no Hebrew equivalent

For more on the following symbols: see above, par. 7.
*direct manuscript evidence
:also in Aquila or Theodotion
;also in Symmachus outside the Psalms

For other symbols and abbreviations, see Lust 1992: xvii - xviii and Lust 1996: vii - viii.

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Part 1: A - I

a)be/baioj unreliableNm)-)l (hifil) 77,8
s'genea\ a)proai/retoj th|= kardi/a|,
kai\ a)be/baioj pro\j to\n qeo\n tw|= pneu/mati tw|= e(auth=j
o'genea\, h3tij ou) kathu/qunen th\n kardi/an au)th=j
kai\ ou)k e)pistw/qh meta\ tou= qeou= to\ pneu=ma au)th=j

a(gi/wj holy#$dq 133,2
o'ei)j ta\ a#gia

a)gla/i+sma; ornament, honor#&w#&m8 47,3
s'a)p' a)rxh=j a)fwrisme/nw| a)glai/+smati pa/shj th=j gh=j
o'eu)ri/zw=n a)gallia/mati pa/shj th=j gh=j
tr)pt 88,18
s'o3ti a)gla/i+sma a)h/tthton au)tw=n ei] su/
o'o3ti to\ kau/xhma th=j duna/mewj au)tw=n ei] su/

a)glai+smo/j; ornament, adorningNw#&#&9 44,8
s'e)lai/w| a)glai+smou= para\ tou\j e(tai/rouj sou
o'e1laion a)gallia/sewj para\ tou\j meto/xouj sou

a)dhmone/w:; to be sorely dismayed, to be in anguishP+( (qal)10 60,3
s'e)n tw|= a)dhmonei=n th\n kardi/an mou
o'e)n tw|= a)khdia=sai th\n kardi/an mou
zpx (qal) 115,2
s'kai\ ei]pon a)dhmonw=n
o'e)gw\ ei]pa e)n th|= e)ksta/sei mou Pa=j a!nqrwpoj yeu/sthj

a)htthsi/a that which is unconquerablezw(m 30,5
s'*o3ti su\ a)htthsi/a mou
o'o3ti su\ ei] o( u(peraspisth/j mou

a)h/tthtoj unconquered, not beatenz( 88,18
s'o3ti a)gla/i+sma a)h/tthton au)tw=n ei] su/
o'o3ti to\ kau/xhma th=j duna/mewj au)tw=n ei] su/
zz( 88,14
s'a)h/tthtoj h( xei/r sou
u(yhlh\ h( decia/ sou
o'krataiwqh/tw h( xei/r sou
u(ywqh/tw h( deci/a sou
Cr( 88,8
s'qee\ a)h/tthte e)n o(mili/a| a(gi/wn pollh|=
kai\ e)pi/foboj e)n pa=si toi=j peri\ seauto/n
o'o( qeo\j e)ndocazo/menoj e)n boulh|= a(gi/wn
me/gaj kai\ fobero\j e)pi\ pa/ntaj tou\j periku/klw| au)tou=

ai)qh/r; ether, air, heavenqx#$11 35,6
s'h( bebaio/thj sou me/xri tw=n ai)qe/rwn
o'h( a)lh/qeia/ sou e3wj tw=n nefelw=n
s'kai\ me/xri tou= ai)qe/roj
o'kai\ e3wj tw=n nefelw=n
s'e)n tw|= ai)qe/ri
o'e)n tai=j nefe/laij
s'h]xon e1dwken ai)qh/r
o'fwnh\n e1dwkan ai( nefe/lai
s'ti/j ga\r e)n ai)qe/ri a)ntiparaqh/sei tw|= kuri/w|;
e)cisa/sei tw|= kuri/w| e)n ui(oi=j qew=n;
o'o3ti ti/j e)n nefe/laij i)swqh/setai tw|= kuri/w|;
kai\ ti/j o(moiwqh/setai tw|= kuri/w| e)n ui(oi=j qeou=;
s'*w(j h( mh/nh e(drai/a ai)wni/wj:
o( de\ diamarturo/menoj e)n ai)qe/ri pisto/j
o'kai\ w(j h( selh/nh kathrtisme/nh ei)j to\n ai)w=na:
kai\ o( martu/j e)n ou)ranw|= pisto/j

a)kaqai/retoj not to be pulled down, indestructiblez( 150,1
s'u(mnei=te au)to\n e)n tw|= sterew/mati tw|= a)kaqaire/tw| au)tou=
o'ai)nei=te au)to\n e)n sterew/mati duna/mewj au)tou=

a)maqh/j ignorant, stupidr(b 48,11
s'*o(mou= a)no/htoj kai\ a)maqh\j a)polou=ntai
o'e)pi\ to\ au)to\ a!frwn kai\ a!nouj a)polou=ntai

a)me/leia indifference, negligenceMl( (qal)12 89,8
s'ta\j a)melei/aj h(mw=n fai/nesqai tw|= prosw/pw| sou
o'o( ai)w\n h(mw=n ei)j fwtismo\n tou= prosw/pou sou

a)merimni/a freedom from care, safetyCxr 59,10
s'Mwab le/bhj a)merimni/aj mou
o'Mwab le/bhj th=j e)lpi/doj mou
s'Mwab le/bhj a)merimni/aj mou
o'e1stai o( Mwab le/bhj th=j e)lpi/doj mou

a)merimne/w:; to be care-free (trusting sb) hsx (qal)13 35,8
s'u(po\ skia\n tw=n pteru/gwn sou a)merimnou=si
o'e)n ske/ph| tw=n pteru/gwn sou e)lpiou=sin
x+b (qal) 61,9
s'a)merimnei=te e)n au)tw|= e)n panti\ kairw|=, lao/j
o'e)lpi/sate e)p' au)to\n, pa=sa sunagwgh\ laou=

a)mo/rfwtoj not formed, unwroughtMlwg 138,16
s'a)mo/rfwto/n me proei=don oi( o)fqalmoi/ sou
o'to\ a)kate/rgasto/n mou ei1dosan oi( o)fqalmoi/ sou

a)mwmo/thj: blamelessnessMt14 25,1
s'e)n a)mwmo/thti/ mou
o'e)n a)kaki/a| mou

a)nablu/zw:; to spout forth, to pour forth (of speech)(bn (hifil)15 77,2
s'a)nablu/sw problh/mata a)rxai=a
o'fqe/gcomai problh/mata a)p' a)rxh=j

a)nazwo/w:; to recall to lifehyx (piel)16 29,4
s'*a)nezw/wsa/j me tou= mh\ katenexqh=nai/ me ei)j la/kkon
o'e1swsa/j me a)po\ tw=n katabaino/ntwn ei)j la/kkon
s'a)nazw/wso/n me
o'zh=so/n me

a)nakta/omai; revive, refresh(#$pn) bw#$ (pil.)17 22,3
rb#$ (qal) 103,11
s'a)nakth/setai o1nagroj di/yan au)tou=
o'prosde/contai18 o1nagroi ei)j di/yan au)tw=n
dw( (pil.) 146,6

a)na/ktoron palaceNw(m 25,8
s'to\ a)na/ktoron

a)namarthsi/a innocenceNwyqn 72,13
s'kai\ e)nipto/mhn e)n a)namarthsi/a| ta\j xei=ra/j mou
o'kai\ e)niya/mhn e)n a)qw|/oij ta\j xei=ra/j mou

a)namonh/ patient abiding, endurance, hopetlxwt 38,8
s'nu=n ou]n ti/ prosdokw=, de/spota; h( a)namonh/ mou ei)j se/ e)stin
o'kai\ nu=n ti/j h( u(pomonh/ mou; ou)xi\ o( ku/rioj;
hlht 70,6
s'soi\ e)pesthri/xqhn a)po\ gastro/j,
a)po\ tw=n e)ndosqi/wn th=j mhtro/j mou su\ e)pei=de/j me:
ei)j se\ h( a)namonh/
20 mou e)ndelexw=j
o'e)pi\ se\ e)pisthri/xqhn a)po\ gastro/j,
e)k koili/aj mhtro/j mou su/ mou ei] skepasth/j
e)n soi\ h( u3mnhsi/j mou dia\ panto/j

a)nape/mpw to send up, to send backbw#$ (hifil) 89,3
s'a)nape/myeij a!nqrwpon e3kaston ei)j kata/krisin
o'mh\21 a)postre/yh|j a!nqrwpon ei)j tapei/nwsin

a)napnoh/:; breath, exhalation P)22 137,7
s'kata\ th=j a)napnoh=j tw=n e)xqrw=n mou e)ktenei=j xei=ra/ sou
o'e)p' o)rgh\n e)xqrw=n mou e)ce/teinaj xei=ra/ sou

a)napole/w to go over again, to recall to mindrkz (qal) 41,5
s'tau=ta a)napolw=n die/xea e)p' e)mauto\n (th\n yuxh/n mou)
o'tau=ta e)mnh/sqhn kai\ e)ce/xea e)p' e)me\ th\n yuxh/n mou
s'a)nemimnh|sko/mhn ta\j perinoi/aj kuri/ou,
a)napolw=n ta\ a)rxai=a tera/stia/ sou
o'e)mnh/sqhn tw=n e1rgwn kuri/ou
o3ti mnhsqh/somai a)po\ th=j a)rxh=j tw=n qaumasi/wn sou
gygh 38,4
s'e)ceqerma/nqh h( kardi/a mou e)nto/j mou:
e)n tw|= a)napolei=n me a)nekaio/mhn puri/
o'e)qerma/nqh h( kardi/a mou e)nto/j mou,
kai\ e)n th|= mele/th| mou e)kkauqh/setai pu=r

a)natmhtiko/j fit for cutting up, sharphxytp 54,22
s'leio/tera boutu/rou ta\ sto/mata au)tw=n,
polemei= de\ h( kardi/a e(ka/stou au)tw=n:
a(palw/teroi oi( lo/goi au)tou= e)lai/ou,
o1ntej a)natmhtikoi/
o'diemeri/sqhsan a)po\ o)rgh=j tou= prosw/pou au)tou=,
kai\ h1ggisen h( kardi/a au)tou=:
h(palu/nqhsan oi( lo/goi au)tou= u(pe\r e1laion,
kai\ au)toi/ ei)sin boli/dej

a)naxw/rhsij retiring, retreatddn (qal) 54,7-8
s'kai\ ei]pon ti/j dw/sei moi pteru/gei w(sei\ pteristera=j,
petasqh=nai kai\ e(drasqh=nai; po/rrw a@n e)poi/hsa
th\n a)naxw/rhsi/n mou, hu)lizo/mhn a@n e)n th|= e)rh/mw|
o'kai\ ei]pa Ti/j dw/sei moi pte/rugaj w(sei\ pteristera=j
kai\ petasqh/somai kai\ katapau/sw; i)dou\ e)ma/kruna
fugadeu/wn kai\ hu)li/sqhn e)n th|= e)rh/mw|

a)nepisth/mwn; ignorantr(b23 72,22
s'h1mhn de\ a)nepisth/mwn, kai\ mh\ ei)dw/j
o'kai\ e)gw\ e)coudenwme/noj kai\ ou)k e1gnwn

a)neufhme/w to jubilate, to blessNnr (piel) 62,8
s'kai\ skepo/menoj e)n tai=j pte/ruci/n sou a)neufh/moun
o'kai\ e)n th|= ske/ph| tw=n pteru/gwn sou a)gallia/somai

a)nhleiyi/a being unanointed, uncleanlinessNm#$(m) 108,24
s'kai\ h( sa/rc mou h)lloiw/qh a)po\ a)nhleiyi/aj
o'kai\ h( sa/rc mou h)lloiw/qh di' e1laion

a)nqrwpo/thj humanityMd)-ynb24 48,3
s'*h3 te a)nqrwpo/thj prose/ti de\ kai\ ui(oi\ e(ka/stou a)ndro/j,
o(mou= plou/sioj kai\ pe/nhj
o'oi3 te ghgenei=j kai\ oi( ui(oi\ tw=n a)nqrw/pwn,
e)pi\ to\ au)to\ plou/sioj kai\ pe/nhj

a)nia/omai to be grieved, to be distressed#$wn (qal) 68,21
s'o)neidismo\j kate/ace th\n kardi/an mou, kai\ h)niw/mhn
o'o)neidismo\n prosedo/khsen h( yuxh/ mou kai\ talaipwri/an

a)nima/omai to raisehld (piel) 29,2
s'*(Uyw/sw se, hwhy, o3ti a)nimh/sw me
o'(Uyw/sw se, ku/rie, o3ti u(pe/labe/j me

a)nodi/a; lack of road, no roadKrd-)l25 106,40
s'kai\ planh/sei au)tou\j e)n mataio/thti di' a)nodi/aj
o'kai\ e)pla/nhsen au)tou\j e)n a)ba/tw| kai\ ou)x o(dw|=

a)ntikru/ right beforedgnl26 17,25
s'th\n a)ntikru\ tw=n o)fqalmw=n au)tou=
o'e)nw/pion tw=n o)fqalmw=n au)tou=

a)ntilale/w to speak against onerm) (qal) 138,20
s'oi3tinej a)ntela/lhsa/n soi dialogismw|=,
e)ph/rqhsan matai/wj oi( e)nanti/oi sou
o'o3ti e)rei=j ei)j dialogismo/n:
lh/myontai ei)j mataio/thta ta\j po/leij sou

a)ntiparati/qhmi to contrast and compareKr( (qal) 88,7
s'ti/j ga\r e)n ai)qe/ri a)ntiparaqh/sei tw|= kuri/w|;
e)cisa/sei tw|= kuri/w| e)n ui(oi=j qew=n;
o'o3ti ti/j e)n nefe/laij i)swqh/setai tw|= kuri/w|,
kai\ ti/j o(moiwqh/setai tw|= kuri/w| e)n u(ioi=j qeou=;

a)ntistre/fomai; to be conversely opposed?lwk#$27 34,12
s'a)ntestramme/na kata\ th=j yuxh=j mou
o'kai\ a)tekni/an th|= yuxh|= mou

a)nu/parktoj; non-existent, unrealMylyl)28 95,5

a)ciopreph/j proper, becomingrdh29 89,16
s'fanh/tw para\ toi=j dou/loij sou ta\ e1rga sou,
kai\ to\ a)cioprepe/j sou e)pi\ ta\ te/kna au)tw=n
o'kai\ i)de\ e)pi\ tou\j dou/louj sou kai\ ta\ e1rga sou
kai\ o(dh/ghson tou\j ui(ou\j au)tw=n

a)parti/zw:; to finish, to complete; pass. to come to an end(qal) rmg30 7,10
s'a)partisqh/tw ka/kwsij kata\ tw=n a)sebw=n
o'suntelesqh/tw dh\ ponhri/a a(martwlw=n
Nwk (polel) 118,73
s'ai( xei=re/j sou e)poi/hsa/n me, kai\ a)ph/rtisa/n me
o'Ai( xei=re/j sou e)poi/hsa/n me kai\ e1plasa/n me

a)peiri/a want of skill, ignorancetlw) 68,6
s'o( qeo/j, su\ oi]daj th\n a)peiri/an mou
o'o( qeo/j, su\ e1gnwj th\n a)frosu/nhn mou

a)peri/treptoj immutable+wm-lb (nifal) 95,10
s'kai\ ga\r h3drase th\n oi)koume/nhn a)peri/trepton
o'kai\ ga\r katw/rqwsen th\n oi)koume/nhn, h3tij ou) saleuqh/setai
+wm-)l (nifal) 124,1
s'w(j to\ o1roj Siwn a)peri/trepton
o'w(j o3roj Siwn: ou) saleuqh/setai

a)poblu/zw to spurt out(bn (hifil) 58,8
s'au)toi\ me\n a)poblu/zousi toi=j sto/masin au)tw=n,
w(j maxai/raj toi=j xei/lesin au)tw=n, w(j ou)deno\j a)kou/ontoj
o'i)dou\ a)pofqe/gcontai e)n tw|= sto/mati au)tw=n,
kai\ r(omfai/a e)n toi=j xei/lesin au)tw=n: o3ti ti/j h1kousen;

a!poqen far fromNym 27,1
s'mh\ h(suxa/santo/j sou a!poqe/n mou,
o(moiwqw= toi=j katabai/nousin ei)j la/kkon
o'mh/pote parasiwph/sh|j a)p' e)mou=
kai\ o(moiwqh/somai toi=j katabai/nousin ei)j la/kkon

a)po/qetoj:; despised, set asideNpc31 16,14
s'kai\ tw=n a)poqe/twn sou plhrw/seij ta\j gaste/raj au)tw=n
o'kai\ tw=n kekrumme/nwn sou e)plh/sqh h( gasth\r au)tw=n

a)po/kauma firebrand, piece of burning wooddqwm 101,4
s'kai\ ta\ o)sta= mou w(j a)po/kauma au]a ge/gonen
o'kai\ ta\ o)sta= mou w(sei\ fru/gion sunefru/ghsan

a)poneu/w; to turn away fromrws (qal)32 138,19
s'a!ndrej miaifo/noi, a)poneu/sate a)p' e)mou=
o'a!ndrej ai(ma/twn, e)kkli/nate a)p' e)mou=
gws (nifal) 77,57
s'*a)pe/neuon kai\ h)sunqh/koun
o'a)pe/streyan kai\ h)sunqe/thsan

a)popau/w to make to cease, to stoptb#$ (hifil) 88,45
s'*a)pe/pausaj th\n kaqaro/thta au)tou=
o'kate/lusaj a)po\ kaqarismou= au)to/n

a!poroj:; poor, needy, helpless#$r33 81,3
s'*ptwxw|= kai\ a)po/rw| to\ di/kaion poih/sate
o'tapeino\n kai\ pe/nhta dikaiw/sate

a)posiga/w to keep silent about#$rx (hifil) 31,3
s'o3ti a)pesi/ghsa34 e)palaiw/qh ta\ o)sta= mou
o'o3ti e)si/ghsa, e)palaiw/qh ta\ o)sta= mou

a)po/strofoj turned away ta/ssw a)postro/fouj to put sb to flightMk#$ 20,13
s'o3ti ta/ceij au)tou\j a)postro/fouj,
toi=j perileipome/noij sou e(dra/seij kata\ pro/swpon au)tw=n
o'o3ti qh/seij au)tou\j nw=ton:
e)n toi=j periloi/poij sou e(toima/seij to\ pro/swpon au)tw=n

a)poteixi/zw:; to wall off, to keep off by fortificationrrw#$35 26,11
s'dia\ tou\j a)poteixi/zonta/j me
o'e3neka tw=n e)xqrw=n mou
s'a)ntapodw/sei kaka\ toi=j a)poteixi/zousi/ me
o'a)postre/yei ta\ kaka\ toi=j e)xqroi=j mou
s'e)pidei=n poih/sei me toi=j a)poteixi/zousi/ me
o'dei/cei moi e)n toi=j e)xqroi=j mou
rw#$ 91,12
s'kai\ e)po/yetai o( o)fqalmo/j mou e)n toi=j a)poteixi/zousi/ me
o'kai\ e)pei=den o( o)fqalmo/j mou e)n toi=j e)xqroi=j mou

a)proai/retoj without set purpose, not steadfastNwk-)l (hifil) 77,8
s'genea\ a)proai/retoj th|= kardi/a|,
kai\ a)be/baioj pro\j to\n qeo\n tw|= pneu/mati tw|= e(auth=j
o'genea\ h3tij ou) kathu/qunen th\n kardi/an au)th=j
kai\ ou)k e)pistw/qh meta tou= qeou= to\ pneu=ma au)th=j

a!rmena equipmentKbs 73,5-6
s'e)n a)rme/noij culi/noij a)ci/naij. nu=n de\ kai\ ta\j pu/laj
au)th=j o(mou= e)n moxloi=j kai\ dikra/noij kate/rriyan
o'w(j e)n drumw|= cu/lwn a)ci/naij e)ce/koyan ta\j qu/raj au)th=j,
e)pi\ to\ au)to\ e)n pele/kei kai\ laceuthri/w| kate/rracan au)th/n

a)sunqhke/w; to break a covenantdgb (qal)36 77,57
s'*a)pe/neuon kai\ h)sunqh/koun37
w(j oi( pate/rej au)tw=n
o'a)pe/streyan kai\ h)sunqe/thsan
kaqw\j kai\ oi( pate/rej au)tw=n

a)sxhmo/nhsij want of form, awkwardnesshmlk 43,16
s'di' o3lhj h(me/raj h( a)sxhmo/nhsi/j mou a)ntikru/j mou,
kai\ o( kataisxummo\j tou= prosw/pou mou katalu/ptei me
o'o3lhn th\n h(me/ran h( e)ntroph/ mou katenanti/on mou/ e)stin,
kai\ h( ai)sxu/nh tou= prosw/pou mou e)ka/luye/n me
s'e)ka/luyen a)sxhmo/nhsij to\ pro/swpo/n mou
o'e)ka/luyen e)ntroph\ to\ pro/swpo/n mou

a)tone/w:; to be exhaustedlld (qal)38 78,8
s'*ta/xunon: prolabe/twsan h(ma=j ta\ e)le/h sou
o3ti h)tonh/samen
o'taxu\ prokatalabe/twsan h(ma=j oi( oi)ktirmoi/ sou,
o3ti e)ptwxeu/samen
s'h)to/nhsa, kai\ e1swse/ me
o'e)tapeinw/qhn, kai\ e1swse/n me
s'a)kro/asai ta\j lalia/j mou, o3ti h)to/nhsa sfo/dra
o'pro/sxej pro\j th\n de/hsi/n mou, o3ti e)tapeinw/qhn sfo/dra
l#$k (qal) 30,11
s'h)to/nhsen39 dia\ th\n ka/kwsi/n mou h( i)sxu/j mou
o'h)sqe/nhsen e)n ptwxei/a| h( i)sxu/j mou

a!tonoj: relaxed, slack, weak, exaustedhymr40 77,57
s'*a)pestre/fonto w(j to/con a!tonon
o'kai\ metestra/fhsan ei)j to/con streblo/n
ld 81,3
s'a)to/nw| kai\ o)rfanw|=
o'o)rfano\n kai\ ptwxo/n

au]oj dryhrx 101,4
s'kai\ ta\ o)sta= sou w(j a)po/kauma au]a ge/gonen
o'kai\ ta\ o)sta= sou w(sei\ fru/gion sunefru/ghsan

a)xo/rtastoj unfed, starving(b#$ 58,16
i3na mh\ a)xo/rtastoi au)lisqw=sin
o'au)toi\ diaskorpisqh/sontai tou= fagei=n:
e)a\n de\ mh\ xortasqw=sin, kai\ goggu/sousin

a)xw/ristoj not separated from#$ymy )l 54,11-12
s'e)phrei/aj e1ndon au)th=j,
a)xw/riston a)po\ tw=n plateiw=n au)th=j zhmi/an kai\ e)pi/qesin
o'e)n me/sw| au)th=j kai\ a)diki/a,
kai\ ou)k e)ce/lipen e)k tw=n plateiw=n au)th=j to/koj kai\ do/loj

ba/disma walk, gaitd(c 17,37
s'*eu)ruxw/rhsaj toi=j badi/smasi/ mou u(poka/tw mou
o'e)pla/tunaj ta\ diabh/mata/ mou u(poka/tw mou

bastagmo/j burdenlbs 80,7
= ba/stagma
s'parei=lon a)po\ bastagmou= to\n w}mon au)tou=,
ai( xei=rej au)tou= kofi/nou a)phlla/ghsan
o'a)pe/sthsen a)po\ a)rse/wn to\n nw=ton au)tou=
ai( xei=rej au)tou= e)n tw|= kofi/nw| e)dou/leusan

bdeluri/a <bdeluri/an e)pithdeu/w> disgusting behaviour, abominationbw( 52,2
s'diefqa/rhsan, kai\ bdeluri/an e)peth/deusan meta\ a)diki/aj
o'diefqa/rhsan kai\ e)bdelu/xqhsan e)n a)nomi/aij

bebaio/thj: steadfastnesshnwm)41 35,6
s'h( bebaio/thj sou me/xri tw=n ai)qe/rwn
o'h( a)lh/qeia/ sou e3wj tw=n nefelw=n

bo/raton; juniper tree#$wrb42 103,17
s'o3pou strouqi/a e)nnosseu/sei,
tw|= i)kti=ni bo/raton oi1khsij
o'e)kei= strouqi/a e)nnosseu/sousin,
tou= e)rwdiou= h( oi)ki/a h(gei=tai au)tw=n

bruxa/omai:; to roarg)#$ (qal)43 21,14
s'w(j le/wn qhreu/wn bruxw/menoj
o'w(j le/wn o( a(rpa/zwn kai\ w)ruo/menoj
s'le/ontej o)loqreu/ontej bruxw/menoi peri\ qh/raj
o'sku/mnoi w)ruo/menoi a(rpa/sai

galh/nh stillness of the sea, calmhmmd 106,29
s'sth/santoj au)tou= th\n kataigi/da ei)j galh/nhn
o'kai\ e)pe/tacen th|= kataigi/di, kai\ e1sth ei)j au1ran

daimoniw/dhj like a demon, demoniacald#$(w)?44 90,6
s'ou) sugku/rhma daimoniw=dej meshmbri/aj
o'a)po\ sumptw/matoj kai\ daimoni/ou meshmbrinou=

diabasta/zomai:; to be brought tohdd (hitp.)45 41,5
s'o3ti e)celeu/somai ei)j th\n skhnh\n,
diabastaxqh/somai e3wj tou= oi1kou tou= qeou=
o'o3ti dieleu/somai e)n to/pw| skhnh=j
46 e3wj tou= oi1kou tou= qeou=

diadikasi/a lawsuit, disputebyr 54,10
s'katapoqh=nai poi/hson, de/spota,
kai\ a)su/mfwnon poi/hson th\n glw=ssan au)tw=n,
o3ti e)qew/rhsa bi/aion a)diki/an kai\ diadikasi/an e)n th|= po/lei
o'katapo/ntison, ku/rie,
kai\ katadi/ele ta\j glw/ssaj au)tw=n,
o3ti ei]don a)nomi/an kai\ a)ntilogi/an e)n th|= po/lei

dialakti/zein to kick away, to spurnspr (hitp) 67,31
s'toi=j dialakti/zousi tou\j eu)dokh/touj, w(j dokimh\n a)rguri/ou
o'tou= mh\ a)pokleisqh=nai tou\j dedokimasme/nouj tw|= a)rguri/w|

dialale/w to talk over sthNnr (piel) 50,16
s'dialalh/sei h( glw=ssa/ mou th\n e)lehmosu/nhn sou
o'a)gallia/setai h( glw=ssa/ mou th\n dikaiosu/nhn sou
Nnr (hitp.) 77,65
s'*w(j duna/sthj dialalw=n e)c oi1nou
o'w(j dunato\j kekraipalhkw\j e)c oi1nou
xy#& (qal) 76,4
s'diela/loun e)n e)mautw|= kai\ e)leipoqu/moun
o'h)dole/sxhsa, kai\ w)ligoyu/xhsen to\ pneu=ma/ mou
s'nukto\j pro\j th\n kardi/an mou diela/loun
o'nukto\j meta\ th=j kardi/aj mou h)dole/sxoun
s'ta\ e1rga tw=n xeirw=n sou diela/loun
o'e)n poih/masin tw=n xeirw=n sou e)mele/twn

dia/lecij; discourse, argumentxy#& (qal)47 103,34
s'h( dia/leci/j mou
o'h( dialogh/ mou
s'th\n dia/leci/n mou
o'th\n de/hsi/n mou

diameleta/w to meditate, to think about carefullyhgn (qal) 76,13
s'kai\ diemele/twn pa/saj ta\j pra/ceij sou,
kai\ ta\ mhxanh/mata/ sou dihgou/mhn
o'kai\ meleth/sw e)n pa=sin toi=j e1rgoij sou
kai\ e)n toi=j e)pithdeu/masi/n sou a)dolesxh/sw

diapore/w; to be quite at a lossM(p (nifal)48 76,5
s'dihpo/roun kai\ ou)k e)la/loun
o'e)tara/xqhn kai\ ou)k e)la/lhsa

diapre/pw: to appear prominent or conspicuous#$(r (qal)49 71,16
s'diapre/yei w(j Li/banoj karpo\j au)tou=
o'u(perarqh/setai u(pe\r to\n Li/banon o( karpo\j au)tou=

diastore/nnumi50 to spread, to prepare (a path)slp (piel) 77,50
s'*die/strwsen a)trapo/n
o'w(dopoi/hsen tri/bon

diastrofa/omai to be distorted, to be broken (of a heart)lyh (qal) 54,5
s'h( kardi/a mou diestrofa=to e1ndon mou
o'h( kardi/a mou e)tara/xqh e)n e)moi/

dihnekh/j continuous, ei)j to\ -- in perpetuitytwm-l( 47,15
s'ei)j to\ dihneke/j
o'ei)j tou\j ai)w=naj
d(l 88,30
s'*kai\ poih/sw dihneke\j to\ spe/rma au)tou=
o'kai\ qh/somai ei)j to\n ai)w=na tou= ai)w=noj to\ spe/rma au)tou=

dikasi/a:; lawsuitqdc51 34,24
s'*kri=no/n me kata\ th\n dikaiosu/nhn/dia\ th\n dikasi/an mou
o'kri=no/n me kata\ th\n dikaiosu/nhn sou

di/kranon pitchforkPlyk 73,5-6
s'e)n a)rme/noij culi/noij a)ci/naij. nu=n de\ kai\ ta\j pu/laj au)th=j
o(mou= e)n moxloi=j kai\ dikra/noij kate/rriyan
o'w(j e)n drumw|= cu/lwn a)ci/naij e)ce/koyan ta\j qu/raj au)th=j
e)pi\ to\ au)to\ e)n pele/kei kai\ laceuthri/w| kate/rracan au)th/n

dio/mnumi to swear solemnly(b#$ (nifal) 109,4
s'diwmo/sato ku/rioj, kai\ ou) metame/lei
o'w!mosen ku/rioj kai\ ou) metamelhqh/setai

diya/j dry, parchedhyc 62,2
s'w(j e)n gh|= diya/di kai\ e)klu/sei, mh\ u(pa/rxontoj u3datoj
o'e)n gh|= e)rh/mw| kai\ a)ba/tw| kai\ a)nu/drw|

dokimh/ proof, test (of metal)(Psk-)ycr52 67,31
s'toi=j dialakti/zousi tou\j eu)dokh/touj, w(j dokimh\n a)rguri/ou
o'tou= mh\ a)pokleisqh=nai tou\j dedokimasme/nouj tw|= a)rguri/w|

dusareste/omai: to be displeased with+wq (qal)53 94,10
s'tessara/konta e1th dushresth/qhn
o'tessara/konta e1th prosw/xqisa

e)gka/khsij misbehaviourqwcm 118,143
s'qli/yeij kai\ e)gkakh/seij kate/labo/n me:
ai( de\ e)ntolai/ sou e1terpo/n me
o'qli=yij kai\ a)na/gkh eu3rosa/n me
ai( e)ntolai/ sou mele/th mou

e)gkata/dusij present world (as subject to decline)dlx 48,2
s'*e)nwti/sasqe, pa/ntej oi( katoikou=ntej th\n e)gkata/dusin54
o'e)nwti/sasqe, pa/ntej oi( katoikou=ntej th\n oi)koume/nhn

e)gku/mwn pregnant, nursinglw( 77,71
s'a)kolouqou=nta e)gku/mosin h1gagen au)to/n
o'e)co/pisqen tw=n loxeuome/nwn e1laben au)to/n

e(drai=oj; steadyNwkm55 32,14
s'a)po\ e(drai/aj katoiki/aj au)tou=
o'e)c e(toi/mou katoikhthri/ou au)tou=
Nwkn 56,8
s'e(drai/a h( kardi/a mou
o'e(toi/mh h( kardi/a mou
Nwk 88,38
s'*w(j h( mh/nh e(drai/a ai)wni/wj
o'kai\ w(j h( selh/nh kathrtisme/nh ei)j to\n ai)w=na
hnnwk 89,17
s'kai\ ta\ e1rga tw=n xeirw=n e(drai=a poi/hson u(pe\r h(mw=n
o'kai\ ta\ e1rga tw=n xeirw=n h(mw=n kateu/qunon e)f' h(ma=j
Nwkn 92,2
s'e(drai=oj o( qro/noj sou a)po\ to/te, a)p' ai)w=noj su\ ei]
o'e3toimoj o( qro/noj sou a)po\ to/te, a)po\ tou= ai)w=noj su\ ei]
Nwkn 111,7
s'e(drai/a h( kardi/a au)tou=, a)me/rimnoj e)n kuri/w|
o'e(toi/mh h( kardi/a au)tou=, e)lpi/zein e)pi\ ku/rion
Nwk (nifal) 50,12

e)kblaste/w to cause to grow, to producexmc (hifil) 103,14
s'e)kblastw=n xo/rton toi=j kth/nesin,
kai\ xlo/hn th|= doulei/a| tw=n a)nqrw/pwn,
ei)j to\ e)kfu=sai trofh\n a)po\ gh=j
o'e)canate/llwn xo/rton toi=j kth/nesin
kai\ xlo/hn th|= doulei/a| tw=n a)nqrw/pwn
tou= e)cagagei=n a!rton e)k th=j gh=j

e)kzhlo/w to make jealoushnq (hifil) 77,58
s'*kai\ toi=j gluptoi=j au)tw=n: e)cezh/loun au)to/n
o'kai\ e)n toi=j gluptoi=j au)tw=n parezh/lwsan au)to/n

e)kqermai/nomai to become hotMx (qal) 38,4
s'e)ceqerma/nqh h( kardi/a mou e)nto/j mou:
e)n tw|= a)napolei=n me a)nekaio/mhn puri/
o'e)qerma/nqh h( kardi/a mou e)nto/j mou
kai\ e)n th|= mele/th| mou e)kkauqh/setai pu=r

e)kkaule/w to run to stalk, to growPl#$ (qal) 128,6
s'o4j pro\ tou= e)kkaulh=sai e)chra/nqh
o'o4j pro\ tou= e)kspasqh=nai e)chra/nqh

e)klanqa/nomai to forget utterlyxk#$ (qal) 12,2
s'e3wj po/te, ku/rie, e)klanqa/nh| mou ei)j te/loj;
o'3Ewj po/te, ku/rie, e)pilh/sh| mou ei)j te/loj;

e1kplhcij:; terror, fearzpx (qal)56 30,23
s'*e)gw\ de\ ei]pon e)n th|= e)kplh/cei mou
o'e)gw\ de\ ei]pa e)n th|= e)ksta/sei mou
dxp (qal) 63,2
s'ei)sa/kouson, o( qeo/j, th=j fwnh=j mou proslalou=ntoj,
a)po\ e)kplh/cewj e)xqrou= perifra/ceij th\n zwh/n mou
o'Ei)sa/kouson, o( qeo/j, th=j fwnh=j mou e)n tw|= de/esqai/ me,
a)po\ fo/bou e)xqrou= e)celou= th\n yuxh/n mou
Mytw(b 87,17
s'ai( e)kplh/ceij sou katesiw/phsa/n me
o'kai\ oi( foberismoi/ sou e)ceta/raca/n me

e)kpone/w to labour forh)l (nifal) 67,10
s'h4n e)cepo/nhsaj kai\ h3drasaj
o'kai\ h)sqe/nhsen, su\ de\ kathrti/sw au)th/n

e)kstraggi/zw:; to squeeze or strain outhcm (qal)57 74,9
s'plh\n ta\j trugi/aj au)tou= e)kstraggiou=si
pi/nontej oi( fau=loi th=j gh=j
o'plh\n o( trugi/aj au)tou= ou)k e)cekenw/qh
pi/ontai pa/ntej oi( a(martwloi\ th=j gh=j

e1kfeucij escape+lp 54,9
s'e)cai/fnhj e)poi/hsa a@n th\n e1kfeuci/n mou
a)po\ pneu/matoj e)pai/rontoj lai/lapoj
o'prosedexo/mhn to\n sw|/zonta/ me
a)po\ o)ligoyuxi/aj kai\ kataigi/doj

e)kfu/w to generate, to produce)cy (hifil) 103,14
s'e)kblastw=n xo/rton toi=j kth/nesi,
kai\ xlo/hn th|= doulei/a| tw=n a)nqrw/pwn,
ei)j to\ e)kfu=sai trofh\n a)po\ gh=j
o'e)canate/llwn xo/rton toi=j kth/nesin
kai\ xlo/hn th|= doulei/a| tw=n a)nqrw/pwn,
tou= e)cagagei=n a!rton e)k th=j gh=j

e(lkusmo/j: dragging, throwing ?K#$m 125,6
s'o4j poreuo/menoj e)poreu/eto klai/wn,
fe/rwn e(lkusmo\n spe/rmatoj
o'poreuo/menoi e)poreu/onto kai\ e1klaion
ai1rontej ta\ spe/rmata au)tw=n

e)mbri/mhsij:; indignation hr(g58 75,7
s'a)po\ e)mbrimh/sew/j sou, qee\ Iakw/b,
e)karw/qh kai\ a#rma kai\ i3ppoj
o'a)po\ e)pitimh/sew/j sou, o( qeo\j Iakw/b,
e)nu/stacen oi( e)pibebhko/tej tou\j i3ppouj
s'*a)po\ e)mbrimh/sewj
o'a)po\ e)pitimh/sewj
M(z 37,4
s'a)po\ prosw/pou th=j e)mbrimh/sew/j sou
o'a)po\ prosw/pou th=j o)rgh=j sou

e)mfu/shma; breathing upon, inflationhm#$n59 17,16
s'a)po\ e)mfush/matoj
o'a)po\ e)mpneu/sewj

e)mfwne/w to express, to pronouncellh 68,31
s'*e)mfwnw= to\ o1noma tou= hwhy qeou= di' w|)dh=j,
kai\ megalunw= au)to\ di' e)comologh/sewj
o'ai)ne/sw to\ o1noma tou= qeou= met' w|)dh=j,
megalunw= au)to\n e)n ai)ne/sei

e)ndocasmo/j glory, glorifyingNw)g 45,4
s'*h)xou/ntwn kai\ qoloume/nwn tw=n u(da/twn au)tw=n,
kai\ seiome/nwn o)re/wn e)n tw|= e)ndocasmw|= au)tou=
o'h1xhsan kai\ e)tara/xqhsan ta\ u3data au)tw=n,
e)tara/xqhsan ta\ o1rh e)n th|= krataio/thti au)tou=

e)nisxuri/zomai to rely uponzz( (qal) 51,9
o'kai\ e)dunamw/qh

e)ni/sxusij strengtheningzw(m60 27,8
s'*hwhy i)sxu\j au)tw=n
kai\ e)ni/sxusij tw=n swthriw=n tou= xristou= au)tou= e)stin
o'ku/rioj kratai/wma tou= laou= au)tou=
kai\ u(peraspisth\j tw=n swthri/wn tou= xristou= au)tou= e)stin

e(no/w; to make one, to unitedxy (piel)61 85,11
s'e3nwson th\n kardi/an mou ei)j fo/bon tou= o)no/mato/j sou
o'eu)franqh/tw h( kardi/a mou tou= fobei=sqai to\ o1noma/ sou

e)no/xlhsij:; annoyance, nuisancehq(62 54,4
s'u(po\ e)noxlh/sewj a)sebou=j
o'kai\ a)po\ qli/yewj a(martwlou=

e1ntrixoj hairyr(#& 67,22
s'korufh\n e1ntrixon a)nastrefome/nhn
e)n tai=j plhmmelei/aij au)th=j
o'korufh\n trixo\j diaporeuome/nwn
e)n plhmmelei/aij au)tw=n

e)cesqi/w to devourlk) (qal) 104,35
s'kai\ e)ce/fagon pa=n ge/nnhma th=j xw/raj au)tw=n
o'kai\ kate/fagen to\n karpo\n th=j gh=j au)tw=n

e)ceu/rhma inventionhlw( 63,7
s'e)chreu/nhsan e)ceurh/mata su/mpantej e)cereunh/sei:
e)cereunh/sei me\n
e)c e)gka/twn au)tou= e3kastoj
kai\ kardi/aj baqei/aj
o'e)chreu/nhsan a)nomi/aj, e)ce/lipon e)cereunw=ntej
e)cereunh/sei. proseleu/setai a!nqrwpoj
kai\ kardi/a baqei=a

e)ceuteli/zw; to disparage, to contempthzb (qal)63 68,34
s'kai\ tou\j desmw/taj tou\j e(autou= ou)k e)ceuteli/sei
o'kai\ tou\j pepedhme/nouj au)tou= ou)k e)coude/nwsen
zwb 122,4
s'pollw=n e)xorta/sqh h( yuxh\ h(mw=n,
e)pilalou/ntwn tw=n eu)qhnou/ntwn,
e)ceutelizo/ntwn tw=n u(perhfa/nwn
o'e)pi\ plei=on e)plh/sqh h( yuxh\ h(mw=n.
to\ o1neidoj toi=j eu)qhnou=sin,
kai\ h( e)coude/nwsij toi=j u(perhfa/noij

e)ceutelismo/j disparagement, contempt(b#$ 122,3
s'o3ti polu\n e)xorta/sqhmen e)ceutelismo/n
o'o3ti e)pi\ polu\ e)plh/sqhmen e)coudenw/sewj

e)cisa/zw64 to be equalhmd (qal) 88,7
s'ti/j ga\r e)n ai)qe/ri a)ntiparaqh/sei tw|= kuri/w|;
e)cisa/sei tw|= kuri/w| e)n ui(oi=j qew=n;
o'o3ti ti/j e)n nefe/laij i)swqh/setai tw|= kuri/w|;
kai\ ti/j o(moiwqh/setai tw|= kuri/w| e)n ui(oi=j qeou=;

e)colisqai/nw to glide off, to slip awayqlx (hifil) 35,3
s'*o3ti e)colisqai/nein ta\ peri\ au)tou= dokei=,
tou= eu(reqh=nai th\n a)diki/an au)tou= ei)j to\ mishqh=nai au)th/n
o'o3ti e)do/lwsen e)nw/pion au)tou=
tou= eu(rei=n th\n a)nomi/an au)tou= kai\ mish=sai

e)papostolh/ sending against, mission againsttxl#$m 77,49
s'*e)papostolh\n a)gge/lwn kakou/ntwn
o'a)postolh\n di' a)gge/lwn ponhrw=n

e)pa|sth/j charmerrbwx 57,6
s'e)pa|stou= e)pw|da\j sesofisme/nou
o'farma/kou te farmakeuome/nou para\ sofou=

e)peufrai/nw to cause to rejoice, to give joy toxm#& (hifil) 88,43
s'*u3ywsaj th\n decia\n tw=n qlibo/ntwn au)to/n,
e)peu/franaj pa/ntaj tou\j e)xqrou\j au)tou=
o'u3ywsaj th\n decia\n tw=n e)xqrw=n au)tou=,
eu1franaj pa/ntaj tou\j e)xqrou\j au)tou=

e)phreasth/j insolent persontwwh 56,2
s'e3wj a@n pare/lqh| o( e)phreasth/j
o'e3wj ou[ pare/lqh| h( a)nomi/a

e)ph/reia insulting treatment, abusetth or twh 54,11-12
s'e)phrei/aj e1ndon au)th=j,
a)xw/riston a)po\ tw=n plateiw=n au)th=j zhmi/an kai\ e)pi/qesin
o'e)n me/sw| au)th=j kai\ a)diki/a,
kai\ ou)k e)ce/lipen e)k tw=n plateiw=n au)th=j to/koj kai\ do/loj
s'a)po\ lo/gou e)phrei/aj
o'kai\ a)po\ lo/gou taraxw/douj
s'mh\ sunafqh/setai/ soi qro/noj e)phrei/aj
o'mh\ sumprose/stai soi qro/noj a)nomi/aj
hlyl( 98,8
s'kai\ e1kdikoj e)pi\ tai=j e)phrei/aij au)tw=n
o'kai\ e)kdikw=n e)pi\ pa/nta ta\ e)pithdeu/mata au)tw=n

e)pidesme/w to bind up#$bx (piel) 146,3
s'kai\ e)pidesmw=n ta\ kata/gmata au)tw=n
o'kai\ desmeu/wn ta\ suntri/mmata au)tw=n

e)piqe/thj plotter, imposterCl 1,1
s'kai\ e)n kaqe/dra| e)piqetw=n ou) kekoinw/nhke
o'kai\ e)pi\ kaqe/dran loimw=n ou)k e)ka/qisen

e)pikai/rwj in fit timet((l) 9,10
s'o)xu/rwma tw|= teqlasme/nw|, o)xu/rwma e)pikai/rwj
o'katafugh\ tw|= pe/nhti, bohqo\j e)n eu)kairi/aij

e)pikla/w to bendrb#$ (piel) 45,10
s'*e1pause pole/mouj e3wj tw=n pera/twn th=j gh=j,
to/con e)pe/klase kai\ kate/koye lo/gxaj,
a(ma/caj kate/kause puri/
o'a)ntanairw=n pole/mouj me/xri tw=n pera/twn th=j gh=j
to/con suntri/yei kai\ sugkla/sei o3plon
kai\ qureou\j katakau/sei e)n puri/

e)pilale/w to mockg(l65 122,4
s'pollw=n e)xorta/sqh h( yuxh\ h(mw=n,
e)pilalou/ntwn tw=n eu)qhnou/ntwn
o'e)pi\ plei=on e)plh/sqh h( yuxh\ h(mw=n.
to\ o1neidoj toi=j eu)qhnou=sin

e)pila/lhma bywordg(l 78,4
s'*e)pila/lhma66 kai\ xleuasmo/j
o'mukthrismo\j kai\ xleuasmo/j

e)pini/kion:; song of victoryxcnm(l)67 passim

e)pipwma/zw to cover (with a lid)hsk (piel) 43,20
s'kai\ e)pepw/masaj h(mi=n skia\n qana/tou
o'kai\ e)peka/luyen h(ma=j skia\ qana/tou
r+) (qal) 68,16
s'mhde\ e)pipw/masai moi fre/ar to\ sto/ma au)tou=
o'mhde\ susxe/tw e)p' e)me\ fre/ar to\ sto/ma au)tou=

e)pish/mwj as a clear signtw) 73,4-5
s'e1qhkan ta\ shmei=a au)tw=n e)pish/mwj
gnw/rima kata\ th\n ei1sodon e)pa/nw
o'e1qento ta\ shmei=a au)tw=n shmei=a
kai\ ou)k e1gnwsan. w(j ei)j th\n ei1sodon u(pera/nw

e)piskopeu/w to inspecthpc (qal) 65,7
s'oi( o)fqalmoi\ au)tou= ta\ e1qnh e)piskopeu/ousin
oi( a)peiqei=j mh\ u(you/twsan e(autou/j
o'oi( o)fqalmoi\ au)tou= e)pi\ ta\ e1qnh e)pible/pousin,
oi( parapikrai/nontej mh\ u(you/sqwsan e)n e(autoi=j

e)pitri/bw: to crush, to afflictP)#$ (qal)68 55,3
s'e)pe/tribon oi( qli/bonte/j me kata\ pa=san h(me/ran
o'katepa/thsa/n me oi( e)xqroi/ mou o3lhn th\n h(me/ran

e)pifqe/ggomai: to respond tog(l (qal)69 58,9
s'su\ de\, ku/rie, katagela/seij au)tw=n,
e)pifqe/gch| pa=si toi=j e1qnesin
o'kai\ su/, ku/rie, e)kgela/sh| au)tou/j,
e)coudenw/seij pa/nta ta\ e1qnh

e)pi/foboj:; frightful, terrible)rwn70 88,8
s'kai\ e)pi/foboj e)n pa=si toi=j peri\ seauto/n
o'kai\ fobero\j e)pi\ pa/ntaj tou\j periku/klw| au)tou=

e)popteu/w to overlook, to watch+bn (hifil) 9,35
s'o(ra|=j, o3ti su\ mo/xqon kai\ parorgismo\n e)popteu/eij
o'ble/peij, o3ti su\ po/non kai\ qumo\n katanoei=j
s'e)c ou)ranou= e)popteu/wn ku/rioj o(ra|=
o'e)c ou)ranou= e)pe/bleyen o( ku/rioj, ei]den

e)poxe/omai to be carried upon, to ride uponbkr (qal) 67,5
s'katastrw/sate tw|= e)poxoume/nw| e)n th|= a)oikh/tw|
o'o(dopoih/sate tw|= e)pibebhko/ti e)pi\ dusmw=n
s'tw|= e)poxoume/nw| e)pi\ to\n ou)rano\n tou= ou)ranou=
e)k prw/thj
o'tw|= e)pibebhko/ti e)pi\ to\n ou)rano\n tou= ou)ranou=
kata\ a)natola/j

e)rei/pion:; fallen ruin, wreckhbrx71 9,7
o'ai( r(omfai=ai
s'w(j e1poy e)n e)reipi/oij
o'w(sei\ nuktiko/rac
72 108,10
s'e)k tw=n e)reipi/wn au)tw=n
o'e)k tw=n oi)kope/dwn au)tw=n

e(terokline/w to lean on one side, to look to one side (of eyes)h+n (qal) 16,11
s'makari/zonte/j me paraxrh=ma perieku/kloun me,
tou\j o)fqalmou\j au)tw=n e1tacan e(teroklinei=n e)n th|= gh|=
o'e)kba/llonte/j me nuni\ perieku/klwsa/n me,
tou\j o)fqalmou\j au)tw=n e1qento e)kkli=nai e)n th|= gh|=

e(terologi/a false speechhlm 138,4

eu)dokhto/j; well pleasing, acceptablehcr73 67,31
s'toi=j dialakti/zousi tou\j eu)dokhtou\j w(j dokimh\n a)rguri/ou
o'tou= mh\ a)pokleisqh=nai tou\j dedokimasme/nouj tw|= a)rguri/w|

eu)doci/a; honourrdh74 103,1
s'u3mnon kai\ eu)doci/an h)mfia/sw
o'e)comolo/ghsin kai\ eu)pre/peian e)nedu/sw

eu)qarse/w to be of good courage, to trusthsx (qal) 60,5
s'eu)qarsh/sw e)n th|= ske/ph| tw=n pteru/gwn sou
o'skepasqh/somai e)n ske/ph| tw=n pteru/gwn sou
x+b (qal) 90,2
s'o( qeo/j mou, kai\ eu)qarsh/sw e)n au)tw|=
o'o( qeo/j mou, e)lpiw= e)p' au)to/n
+ 56,5
s'e)n me/sw| leo/ntwn eu)qarsw=n e)koimh/qhn
o'kai\ e)rru/sato th\n yuxh/n mou e)k me/sou sku/mnwn. e)koimh/qhn

eu)qume/w; to be cheerfullyg (qal)75 31,11
s'*eu)frai/nesqe e)n hwhy kai\ eu)qumei=te, di/kaioi
o'eu)fra/nqhte e)pi\ ku/rion kai\ a)gallia=sqe, di/kaioi

eu)qumi/a cheerfulnesslyg 42,4
s'i3na e1lqw pro\j to\ qusiasth/rion tou= qeou=,
pro\j to\n qeo\n th\n eu)frosu/nhn th=j eu)qumi/aj mou
o'kai\ ei)seleu/somai pro\j to\ qusiasth/rion tou= qeou=
pro\j to\n qeo\n to\n eu)frai/nonta th\n neo/thta/ mou
s'a)kousth\n poi/hso/n moi eu)qumi/an kai\ eu)frosu/nhn,
i(larunqh/tw o)sta= a$ sune/qlasaj
o'a)koutiei=j me a)galli/asin kai\ eu)frosu/nhn:
a)gallia/sontai o)sta= tetapeinwme/na

eu)prage/w; to do wellbw+ (hifil)76 35,4
s'*a)pe/sxeto tou= e)nnoei=n eu)pragh=sai
o'ou)k e)boulh/qh sunie/nai tou= a)gaqu=nai

eu)ruxwre/w to enlargebxr (hifil) 17,37
s'*eu)ruxw/rhsaj toi=j badi/smasi/ mou u(poka/tw mou
o'e)pla/tunaj ta\ diabh/mata/ mou u(poka/tw mou
s'o3ti eu)ruxw/rhsaj
o'o3tan e)pla/tunaj

eu)rw/j; mould, dank decay#$(77 38,12
s'kai\ dialu/eij w(j eu)rw=ta to\ e)piqumhto\n au)tou=
o'kai\ e)ce/thcaj w(j a)ra/xnhn th\n yuxh\n au)tou=

eu)splagxni/a good heart, compassionMymxr78 24,6
o'tw=n oi)ktirmw=n
o'oi( oi)ktirmoi/

eu)trofi/a thriving condition, wealthN#$b79 67,16
s'o1roj qeou= o1roj eu)trofi/aj
o'o1roj tou= qeou= o1roj pi=on

eu)fhmi/a prayer and praisehnr 41,5
s'meta\ fwnh=j eu)fhmi/aj kai\ e)comologh/sewj
plh/qouj panhgurizo/ntwn
o'e)n fwnh|= a)gallia/sewj kai\ e)comologh/sewj
h1xou e(orta/zontoj
hnr 46,2
s'shma/nate e)n fwnh|= eu)fhmi/aj
o'a)lala/cate tw|= qew|= e)n fwnh|= a)gallia/sewj
hnr 125,2
hnnr 99,2
s'met' eu)fhmi/aj
o'e)n a)gallia/sei

eu1fhmoj fair soundingNnr 62,6
s'kai\ dia\ xeile/wn eu)fh/mwn u(mnh/sei se to\ sto/ma mou
o'kai\ xei/lh a)gallia/sewj ai)ne/sei to\ sto/ma mou

e)fh/domai to exult overxm#& 34,26
s'*oi( e)fhdo/menoi th|= kakw/sei mou
o'oi( e)pixai/rontej toi=j kakoi=j mou

zo/foj; gloom, darknesslp)80 10,2
s'w(j e)n zo/fw|
o'e)n skotomh/nh|

zugo/staqmoj weight ?hnq 67,31
o'tou= kala/mou

h(me/reusij: spending of the day, dayMmwy82 1,2
s'kai\ e)n no/mw| au)tou= fqe/gcetai h(me/reusin kai\ nu/kta
o'kai\ e)n tw|= no/mw| au)tou= meleth/sei h(me/raj kai\ nukto/j

h(mero/bioj living for a daydlx 88,48
s'*mnhmo/neuson ti/ ei)mi h(mero/bioj w@n
h2 e)pi\ ti/ni matai/w| e1ktisaj pa/ntaj tou\j ui(ou\j
tw=n a)nqrw/pwn;
o'mnh/sqhti ti/j mou h( u(po/stasij
mh\ ga\r matai/wj e1ktisaj pa/ntaj tou\j ui(ou\j
tw=n a)nqrw/pwn;

h(mimh/nioj half monthly#$dx83 80,4
s'h)xh/sate e)n pa/sh| h(mimhni/a| kerati/nh|,
e)n panselh/nw| e)n h(me/ra| e(orth=j u(mw=n
o'salpi/sate e)n neomhni/a| sa/lpiggi,
e)n eu)sh/mw| h(me/ra| e(orth=j h(mw=n

h)reme/w; to be still, to be quietMmd (qal)84 34,15
s'*a)porrh/santej ou)k h)re/moun
o'diesxi/sqhsan kai\ ou) katenu/ghsan
Nk#$ (qal) 36,27
s'kai\ h)remh/seij ei)j ai)w=na
o'kai\ kataskh/nou ei)j ai)w=na ai)w=noj
+q#$ (qal) 82,2
s'mh\ h)remh/sh|j
o'mhde\ kataprau/+nh|j
hl#$ (qal) 121,6
s'h)remh/sousin, oi( a)gapw=nte/j se
o'kai\ eu)qhni/a toi=j a)gapw=si/n se

h)remi/a:; rest, quietudewl#$85 29,7
s'*e)gw\ de\ e1legon e)n th|= h)remi/a| mou
o'e)gw\ de\ ei]pa e)n th|= eu)qhni/a| mou

h3tthsij discomfiture, ruinhtxm 88,41
s'*die/koyaj pa/ntaj tou\j qrigkou\j au)tou=,
e)poi/hsaj pa/nta ta\ perifra/gmata au)tou= h3tthsin
o'kaqei=lej pa/ntaj tou\j fragmou\j au)tou=,
e1qou ta\ o)xurw/mata au)tou= deili/an

qeoma/xoj; fighter against godMy)pr86 87,11
s'qeoma/xoi a)nista/menoi e)comologh/sontai/ soi;
o'h2 i)atroi\ a)nasth/sousin, kai\ e)comologh/sontai/ soi;

qhrath/j: hunterblk87 21,17
s'*perieku/klwsan ga/r me ku/nej88
s'Fo3ti e)ku/klwsa/n me qhratai/
o'o3ti e)ku/klwsa/n me ku/nej

qolo/omai: to be troubled, to be confounded#$#$( (qal)89 30,10
s'*e)qolw/qh dia\ parorgismo\n o( o)fqalmo/j mou
o'e)tara/xqh e)n qumw|= o( o)fqalmo/j mou
rmx (qal) 45,4
s'*h)xou/ntwn kai\ qoloume/nwn tw=n u(da/twn au)tw=n
o'h1xhsan kai\ e)tara/xqhsan ta\ u3data au)tw=n

qrigko/j cornicehrdg 88,41
s'*die/koyaj pa/ntaj tou\j qrigkou\j au)tou=,
e)poi/hsaj pa/nta ta\ perifra/gmata au)tou= h3tthsin:
o'kaqei=lej pa/ntaj tou\j fragmou\j au)tou=,
e1qou ta\ o)xurw/mata au)tou= deili/an

i(kesi/a: supplicationNwnxt90 27,2
s'ei)sa/kouson th\n fwnh\n th=j i(kesi/aj mou
o'ei)sa/kouson th=j fwnh=j th=j deh/sew/j mou
s'*o( e)pakou/saj th=j fwnh=j th=j i(kesi/aj mou
o'o3ti ei)sh/kousen th=j fwnh=j th=j deh/sew/j mou
s'*ei)sh/kousaj th=j fwnh=j th=j i(kesi/aj mou
o'ei)sh/kousaj th=j fwnh=j th=j deh/sew/j mou
hnxt 118,170
s'i(kesi/a mou
o'to\ a)ci/wma/ mou

i(lareu/omai; to be joyful, to exultlyg (qal)91 30,8
s'*i(lareu/somai kai\ eu)franqh/somai e)n th|= xa/riti/ sou
o'a)gallia/somai kai\ eu)franqh/somai e)pi\ tw|= e)le/ei sou

i(mei/romai to long forgr( (qal)92 41,2
s'i(mei/retai h( yuxh/ mou pro\j se/, o( qeo/j
o'e)pipoqei= h( yuxh/ mou pro\j se/, o( qeo/j
hmk (qal) 62,2
s'i(mei/retai/ sou h( sa/rc mou
o'posaplw=j soi h( sa/rc mou

Part 2: K - W

kaqareu/omai to become cleandrb (hitp) 17,27
s'*pro\j kaqaro\n kaqareu/sh|
kai\ pro\j skolio\n skolieu/sh|
o'kai\ meta\ e)klektou= e)klekto\j e1sh|
kai\ meta\ streblou= diastre/yeij

kaqarw=j purelyrb93 2,12
s'proskunh/sate kaqarw=j, mh/pote o)rgisqh|=
o'dra/casqe paidei/aj, mh/pote o)rgisqh|=

kaqikne/omai to come down upon, to reach, to touchtxn (nifal) 37,3
s'kaqi/konto/ mou
o'e)nepa/ghsa/n mou

kakouxi/a: maltreatment, hardshipyn(94 43,25
s'e)pilanqa/nh| th=j kakouxi/aj95 h(mw=n kai\ qli/yewj
o'e)pilanqa/nh| th=j ptwxei/aj h(mw=n kai\ th=j qli/yewj h(mw=n

ka/tagma; fracturetbc(96 146,3
s'kai\ e)pidesmw=n ta\ kata/gmata au)tw=n
o'kai\ desmeu/wn ta\ suntri/mmata au)tw=n

kataisxummo/j; disgrace, shamet#$b97 34,26
s'*kataisxunqei/hsan kai\ katorugei/hsan a(ma
oi( e)fhdo/menoi th|= kakw/sei mou.
a)mfiesqh/twsan kataisxummo\n kai\ a)sxhmosu/nhn
oi( katamegaluno/menoi/ mou
o'ai)sxunqei/hsan kai\ e)ntrapei/hsan a(ma
oi( e)pixai/rontej toi=j kakoi=j mou,
e)ndusa/sqwsan ai)sxu/nhn kai\ e)ntroph\n
oi( megalorrhmonou=ntej e)p' e)me/
s'di' o(lhj h(me/raj h( a)sxhmo/nhsi/j mou a)ntikru/j mou,
kai\ o3 kataisxummo\j tou= prosw/pou mou katalu/ptei me
o'o(lhn th\n h(me/ran h( e)ntroph/ mou katenanti/on mou/ e)stin,
kai\ h( ai)sxu/nh tou= prosw/pou mou e)ka/luye/n me

katalazoneu/omai to boast against sbllwt 136,3
s'kai\ oi3 katalazoneuo/menoi h(mw=n eu)frosu/nhn
o'kai\ oi3 a)pagago/ntej h(ma=j u(mnon

katalala/zw to shout, to exult(wr (hifil) 40,12
s'dia\ tou=to gnw/somai o(ti qelh/seij me,
e)a\n mh\ katalala/ch| o3 e)xqro/j mou e)p' e)me/
o'e)n tou/tw| e1gnwn o(ti teqe/lhka/j me,
o(ti ou) mh\ e)pixarh|= o3 e)xqro/j mou e)p' e)me/

katamasa/omai to chew Msrk (piel) 79,14
s'*katemash/sato au)th/n
o'e)lumh/nato au)th/n

katamegalu/nomai: to exalt oneself against sbldg (hifil)98 34,26
s'*kataisxunqei/hsan kai\ katorugei/hsan a(ma
oi3 e)fhdo/menoi th|= kakw/sei mou.
a)mfiesqh/twsan kataisxummo\n kai\ a)sxhmosu/nhn
oi3 katamegaluno/menoi/ mou
o'ai)sxunqei/hsan kai\ e)ntrapei/hsan a(ma
oi3 e)pixai/rontej toi=j kakoi=j mou,
e)ndusa/sqwsan ai)sxu/nhn kai\ e)ntroph\n
oi3 megalorrhmonou=ntej e)p' e)me/
s'katemegalu/nonto/ mou
o'e)p' e)me\ e)megalorrhmo/nhsan
s'sunesqi/wn moi a!rton e)mo/n, katemegalu/nqh mou a)kolouqw=n
o'o3 e)sqi/wn a!rtouj mou, e)mega/lunen e)p' e)me\ pternismo/n

katapo/nhsij; affliction, maltreatmentbw)km99 31,10
s'*pollai\kataponh/seij tou= parano/mou
o'pollai\ ai3 ma/stigej tou= a(martwlou=
s'kai\ h( katapo/nhsi/j mou e)cenanti/aj mou
o'kai\ h( a)lghdw/n mou e)nw/pio/n mou
s'peri\ kataponh/sewj traumatiw=n sou e)chgou=nto
o'kai\ e)pi\ to\ a!lgoj tw=n traumatiw=n sou prose/qhkan

kata/rghsij; abolishing, desolationhm#$100 45,9
s'*a$j e)poi/hse katargh/seij e)n th|= gh|=
o'a$ e1qeto te/rata e)pi\ th=j gh=j

katasta/zw to drip, to melt awayPld101 118,28
s'kate/stacen h( yuxh/ mou a)po\ mele/thj
o'e1stacen h( yuxh/ mou a)po\ a)khdi/aj

katepai/romai to be arogant towardsMwr 60,3-4
s'o(tan stereo\j katepai/retai/ mou, o3dhgh/seij me
o'e)n pe/tra| u(ywsa/j me, w(dh/ghsa/j me

kau=soj heatMynwbrx 31,4
s'metestra/fh moi ei)j diafqora\n w(j kau=soj qerino/n
o'e)stra/fhn ei)j talaipwri/an e)n tw|= e)mpagh=nai a!kanqan

ke/rdoj:; gain, profit(cb102 29,10
s'*ti/ ke/rdoj e)n tw|= ai(mati/ mou
o'Ti/j w)fe/leia e)n tw|= ai(mati/ mou

kere/i+noj: horneddwt(103 49,9

klhrouxe/w to obtain by allotment, to inheritlxn 81,8
s'*sth=qi, o3 qeo/j, kri/nwn th\n gh/n:
su\ ga\r klhrouxh/seij pa/nta ta\ e1qnh
o'a)na/sta, o3 qeo/j, kri=non th\n gh/n,
o(ti su\ kataklhronomh/seij e)n pa=sin toi=j e1qnesin

klhrouxi/a land inherited by allotment, inheritancehlxn104 27,9
s'*sw=son to\n lao/n sou kai\ eu)lo/ghson th\n klhrouxi/an sou
o'sw=son to\n lao/n sou kai\ eu)lo/ghson th\n klhronomi/an sou
s'th\n klhrouxi/an h(mw=n
o'th\n klhronomi/an au)tou=
s'e)lutrw/sw skh=ptron klhrouxi/aj sou
o'e)lutrw/sw r(a/bdon klhronomi/aj sou
s'*sxoini/w| me/trw|: klhrouxi/an
o'e)n sxoini/w| klhrodosi/aj
s'*kai\ e)n th|= klhrouxi/a| au)tou= e)xolw/qh
o'kai\ th\n klhronomi/an au)tou= u3perei=den
hlyxn 5,1
s'w|)dh\ tou= Dauid e)pini/kioj u3pe\r klhrouxiw=n
o'Ei)j to\ te/loj, u3pe\r th=j klhronomou/shj: yalmo\j tw|= Dauid

kore/nnumai: to be satiated(b#$ (hifil)105 102,5
o'to\n e)mpiplw=nta
(b#$ (qal) 21,27

kratero/j strong, to\ kratero/n strengthryc 48,15
s'*to\ de\ kratero\n au)tw=n palaiw/sei a|(dhj
a)po\ th=j oi)kh/sewj th=j e)nti/mou au)tw=n
o'kai\ h( boh/qeia au)tw=n palaiwqh/setai e)n tw|= a|(dh|
e)k th=j do/chj au)tw=n

krouno/j watercourse, canalrwnc 41,8
s'a!bussoj a)bu/ssw| a)ph/nta
a)po\ h1xou tw=n krounw=n sou
o'a!bussoj a!busson e)pikalei=tai
ei)j fwnh\n tw=n katarraktw=n sou

kuka/w to stir up, to throw into disorder#$gr 2,1
s'ei)j ti/ e1qnh kuka|=
o'(Ina ti/ e)fru/acan e1qnh

ku/khsij stirring up, conspiracyh#$gr 63,3
s'kru/yeij me a)po\ suske/yewj kakou/rgwn,
a)po\ kukh/sewj e)rgazome/nwn a)diki/an
o'e)ske/pasa/j me a)po\ sustrofh=j ponhreuome/nwn,
a)po\ plhqou=j e)rgazome/nwn th\n a)nomi/an

lampru/nw:; to make brighthkz106 118,9
s'e)n ti/ni lamprunei= new/teroj th\n o3do\n au)tou=;
o')En ti/ni katorqw/sei o3 new/teroj th\n o3do\n au)tou=;

lei/yanon; remnantrty107 16,14
s'kai\ tw=n a)poqe/twn sou plhrw/seij ta\j gaste/raj au)tw=n.
xortasqh/sontai ui3oi/,
kai\ a)fh/sousi ta\ lei/yana au)tw=n toi=j nhpi/oij au)tw=n
o'kai\ tw=n kekrumme/nwn sou e)plh/sqh h( gasth\r au)tw=n,
e)xorta/sqhsan ui3w=n
kai\ a)fh=kan ta\ kata/loipa toi=j nhpi/oij au)tw=n
tyr)#$ 75,11
s'qumo\j ga\r a)nqrw/pou e)comologh/setai/ soi,
kai\ lei/yanon qumw=n perizw/sei
o'o(ti e)nqu/mion a)nqrw/pou e)comologh/setai/ soi,
kai\ e)gkata/leimma e)nqumi/ou e3orta/sei soi

leptokope/w:; to chop fineqx#$ (qal)108 17,43
s'*kai\ e)leptoko/phsa au)tou\j w(j xou=n
o'kai\ leptunw= au)tou\j w(j xou=n

lh|stri/j piratedwd#$109 136,8
s'h( lh|stri/j
o'h( talai/pwroj

liparo/thj fatinessblx 72,7
s'proe/pipton a)po\ liparo/thtoj oi3 o)fqalmoi\ au)tw=n
o'e)celeu/setai w(j e)k ste/atoj h( a)diki/a au)tw=n

li/poj; fatblx110 72,7
s'e)ch|/esan a)po\ li/pouj oi3 o)fqalmoi\ au)tw=n
o'e)celeu/setai w(j e)k ste/atoj h( a)diki/a au)tw=n

logisteu/w to administerb#$x (piel)111 118,59

logopoii/+a tale, prayerxy#& 101,1
s'proseuxh\ tw|= ptwxw|=, e)n tw|= a)qumei=n au)to/n,
kai\ e1mprosqen kuri/ou e)kxe/ein th\n logopoii+/an au)tou=
o'proseuxh\ tw|= ptwxw|=, o(tan a)khdia/sh|
kai\ e)nanti/on kuri/ou e)kxe/h| th\n de/hsin au)tou=

lo/xoj; armed band, band of raidersdwdg112 17,30
s'*o(ti dia/ sou katadramou=mai lo/xou
o'o(ti e)n soi\ r(usqh/somai a)po\ peirathri/ou

lu/ra:; lyrerwnk113 80,3
s'a)nala/bete w|)dh/n, kai\ dia/dote tu/mpanon,
lu/ran h(dei=an meta\ na/blhj
o'la/bete yalmo\n kai\ do/te tu/mpanon
yalth/rion terpno\n meta\ kiqa/raj
s'e)krema/samen ta\j lu/raj h(mw=n
o'e)krema/samen ta\ o1rgana h(mw=n
s'melw|dh/sate tw|= qew|= h(mw=n dia\ lu/raj
o'ya/late tw|= qew|= h(mw=n e)n kiqa/ra|
s'dia\ nau/laj kai\ lu/raj
o'e)n yalthri/w| kai\ kiqa/ra|

mataiopone/w to act foolishlytwh (pilel) 61,4
s'e(wj ti/noj mataioponh/sete e)p' a)ndro/j;
o'e(wj po/te e)piti/qesqe e)p' a!nqrwpon

metakla/w to break(dg (piel) 74,11

metakli/nomai; to move away from, to shift toh+n (qal)114 43,19
s'ou)de\ metekli/qh ta\ u3porqou=nta h(ma=j a)po\ th=j o3dou= sou
o'kai\ e)ce/klinaj ta\j tri/bouj h(mw=n a)po\ th=j o3dou= sou

metame/lei it repents himMxn (nifal) 109,4
s'diwmo/sato ku/rioj, kai\ ou) metame/lei
o'w!mosen ku/rioj kai\ ou) metamelhqh/setai

metamorfo/w to transformhn#$ (piel) 33,1
s'tou= Dauid, o(pote metemo/rfwse to\n tro/pon tou= e3autou=
e1mprosqen Abimelex
o'tw|= Dauid, o(pote h)lloi/wsen to\ pro/swpon au)tou=
e)nanti/on Abimelex

metafuteu/w: to transplantlt#$ (qal)115 91,14

mh/nh: moon (poetic)xry116 88,38
s'*w(j h( mh/nh e3drai/a ai)wni/wj
o'w(j h( selh/nh kathrtisme/nh ei)j to\n ai)w=na

minuri/zw to sing in a low tonetwgh 48,4
s'*to\ sto/ma mou lalh/sei sofi/an
kai\ minuri/sei h( kardi/a mou su/nesin:
o'to\ sto/ma mou lalh/sei sofi/an
kai\ h( mele/th th=j kardi/aj mou su/nesin

misqapodosi/a recompensebq( 118,112
s'ei)j misqapodosi/an ai)w/nion
o'ei)j to\n ai)w=na di' a)nta/meiyin

misopoio/j hating)n#& (piel) 80,16
s'*misopoioi\ kuri/ou oi3 yeusa/menoi au)tw|=
o'oi3 e)xqroi\ kuri/ou e)yeu/santo au)tw|=

monaxo/j:; solitarydyxy117 67,7
s'di/dwsin oi)kei=n monaxoi=j oi)ki/an
o'katoiki/zei monotro/pouj e)n oi1kw|

mono/thj (the) only onedyxy 21,21
s'*e)celou= a)po\ maxai/raj th\n yuxh/n mou,
e)k xeiro\j kuno\j th\n mono/thta/ mou
o'r(u=sai a)po\ r(omfai/aj th\n yuxh/n mou
kai\ e)k xeiro\j kuno\j th\n monogenh= mou
s'*a)pokata/sthson yuxh/n mou a)po\ th=j bi/aj au)tw=n,
a)po\ leo/ntwn o)loqreuo/ntwn th\n mono/thta/ mou
o'a)pokata/sthson th\n yuxh/n mou a)po\ th=j kakourgi/aj au)tw=n,
a)po\ leo/ntwn th\n monogenh= mou

muzh/thj caterpillarlysx 77,46
s'*tou= do/ntoj tw|= muzh/th| ta\ gennh/mata au)tw=n,
kai\ tou\j ko/pouj au)tw=n th|= a)kri/di
o'kai\ e1dwke th|= e)rusi/bh| to\n karpo\n au)tw=n
kai\ tou\j po/nouj au)tw=n th|= a)kri/di

ne/mhsij: territoryty(rm118 78,13
s'*h(mei=j ga\r lao/j sou kai\ poi/mnh th=j nemh/sew/j sou
o'h(mei=j de\ lao/j sou kai\ pro/bata th=j nomh=j sou

nomodo/thj lawgiver)rwm 75,13
s'tw|= nomodo/th|, a)fairou=nti me\n pneu=ma h(gemo/nwn,
foberw|= de\ toi=j basileu=si th=j gh=j
o'tw|= foberw|= kai\ a)fairoume/nw| pneu/mata a)rxo/ntwn,
foberw|= para\ toi=j basileu=si th=j gh=j

nuktereu/w to pass the nightNyl (hitp) 90,1
s'u3po\ skia\n tou= i3kanou= nuktereu/wn
o'e)n ske/ph| tou= qeou= tou= ou)ranou= au)lisqh/setai

chro/thj; drynesshyxc119 67,7
s'oi3 de\ a)peiqei=j katoikh/sousi kau/swnoj
o'o3moi/wj tou\j parapikrai/nontaj tou\j katoikou=ntaj
e)n ta/foij

o1lisqoj slipperinessqlx 72,18
s'o1ntwj e)n o)li/sqw| e1tacaj au)tou/j,
kate/balej au)tou\j ei)j a)fanismou/j
o'plh\n dia\ ta\j dolio/thtaj e1qou au)toi=j,
kate/balej au)tou\j e)n tw|= e)parqh=nai

o(lo/chroj wholly dryNwrx 57,10
s'pri\n h2 au)chqw=sin ai3 a!kanqai u3mw=n, w(ste gene/sqai r(a/mnoj,
e)ti\ zw=nta w(j o(lo/chron lai=lay a)rei=
o'pro\ tou= sunie/nai ta\j a)ka/nqaj u3mw=n th\n r(a/mnon,
w(sei\ zw=ntaj w(sei\ e)n o)rgh|= katapi/etai u3ma=j

o(malo/j:; even (of surface)rw#$ym120 25,12
s'e)n o(malw|=
o'e)n eu)qu/thti
s'dia\ gh=j o(malh=j
o'e)n gh|= eu)qei/a|

o)mixlo/omai to become cloudy, to become humidP(r (qal) 64,13
s'o)mixlwqh/sontai ai3 nomai\ th=j e)rh/mou
o'pianqh/sontai ta\ w(rai=a th=j e)rh/mou
s'o)mixlwqh/sonai: li/poj
o'plhsqh/sontai pio/thtoj

o(mognw/mwn like-mindedhc( 118,24
s'w(j a!ndrej o(mognw/mone/j moi
o'kai\ ai3 sumbouli/ai mou ta\ dikaiw/mata/ sou

o(mo/tropoj of the same habitsKr((k) 54,14
s'a)lla\ su/, a!nqrwpe o(mo/tropo/j moi, sunh/qhj kai\ gnw/rimo/j moi
o'su\ de/, a!nqrwpe i)so/yuxe, h(gemw/n mou kai\ gnwste/ mou

o)nomasti/ by nameM#$121 146,4
s'pa/ntaj au)tou\j o)nomasti\ kale/sei
o'kai\ pa=sin au)toi=j o)no/mata kalw=n

o)rqotrixe/w:; to have ones hair up-standingrms (qal)122 118,120
s'o)rqotrixei= u3po\ fo/bou sou h( sa/rc mou
o'kaqh/lwson e)k tou= fo/bou sou ta\j sa/rkaj mou

o)xeto/j; canal, streamglp123 64,10
s'o)xetoi=j qeou= mestoi=j u3da/twn
o'o3 potamo\j tou= qeou= e)plhrw/qh u3da/twn
qyp) 125,4
s'w(j o)xetou\j e)n tw|= no/tw|
o'w(j xeima/rrouj e)n tw|= no/tw|

o1xhsij being carried, carriagebkr 67,18
s'o1xhsij tou= qeou= muria/dwn, xilia/dej h)xou/ntwn
o'to\ a(rma tou= qeou= muriopla/sion, xilia/dej eu)qhnou/ntwn

pagkarpi/a fruifulnessNd( 35,9
s'kai\ to\ r(ei=qron th=j pankarpi/aj sou
o'kai\ to\n xeima/rroun th=j trufh=j sou

pammege/qhj very greatryb) 67,31
s'e)piti/mhson tw|= qhri/w| in ponderibus zugou=,
suno/dw| pammegeqw=n meta\ sustrofw=n law=n
o'e)piti/mhson toi=j qhri/oij tou= kala/mou:
h( sunagwgh\ tw=n tau/rwn e)n tai=j dama/lesin tw=n law=n

pa/mpoluj; numerous, very greatbr124 39,6
s'pa/mpolla e)poi/hsaj su/, ku/rie o3 qeo/j mou
o'polla\ e)poi/hsaj su/, ku/rie o3 qeo/j mou
br-lk 88,51
s'*mnhmo/neuson, ku/rie, to\n o1neidon tw=n dou/lwn sou
o4n e)ba/stasa e)n tw|= ko/lpw| mou pampo/llwn e)qnw=n
o'mnh/sqhti, ku/rie, tou= o)neidismou= tw=n dou/lwn sou,
ou4 u3pe/sxon e)n tw|= ko/lpw| mou, pollw=n e)qnw=n

panou/rgwj wicked, cunningMr( (hifil) 82,4
s'*kata\ tou= laou= sou panou/rgwj o3milo=usi,
kai\ sumbouleu/ontai kata\ tou= a)pokru/fou sou
o'e)pi\ to\n lao/n sou katepanourgeu/santo gnw/mhn
kai\ e)bouleu/santo kata\ tw=n a(gi/wn sou

panspermi/a all kinds of all seedsNgd 64,10
s'telesforh/seij th\n panspermi/an au)th=j,
o(ti ou(twj h(drasaj au)th/n
o'h(toi/masaj th\n trofh\n au)tw=n,
o(ti ou(twj h( e3toimasi/a sou

paraba/thj; transgressorCyrp125 16,4
s'e)gw\ e)fulaca/mhn o3dou\j paraba/tou
o'e)gw\ e)fu/laca o3dou\j sklhra/j
(#$r 138,19
s'e)a\n ktei/nh|j, o3 qeo/j, paraba/thn
o'e)a\n a)poktei/nh|j a(martwlou/j, o3 qeo/j

parado/cwj unexpectedhrwbg126 89,10
s'e3bdomh/konta e1th: ei) de\ parado/cwj
o'e3bdomh/konta e1th, e)a\n de\ e)n dunastei/aij

paratre/pw; to turn asideh+n (hifil)127 140,4
s'mh\ paratre/yh|j th\n kardi/an mou ei)j lo/gouj ponhrou/j,
e)nnoei=n e)nnoi/aj parano/mouj
o'mh\ e)kkli/nh|j th\n kardi/an mou ei)j lo/gouj ponhri/aj
tou= profasi/zesqai profa/seij e)n a(marti/aij

parafula/ssw; to guard closelyrm#$ (qal)128 30,7
s'*e)mi/shsaj tou\j parafula/ssontaj mataio/thtaj ei)kh=
o'e)mi/shsaj tou\j diafula/ssontaj mataio/thtaj dia\ kenh=j

pareika/zomai to be likenedl#$m (nifal) 48,13
s'*a!nqrwpoj de\ e)n timh|= ou)k au)lisqh/setai,
pareika/sqh kth/nesin w(j kth/nh siwphqh/sontai
o'kai\ a!nqrwpoj e)n timh|= w@n ou) sunh=ken, parasuneblh/qh
toi=j kth/nesin toi=j a)noh/toij kai\ o3moiw/qh au)toi=j

peri/qesij putting around, putting onyd( 31,9
s'*dia\ khmou= kai\ xalinou= periqe/sewj
i(na mh\ e)ggi/sh| pro\j se/
o'e)n xalinw|= kai\ khmw|= ta\j siago/naj au)tw=n a!gcai
tw=n mh\ e)ggizo/ntwn pro\j se/

peri/noia thoughtll(m 76,12
s'a)nemimnh|sko/mhn ta\j perinoi/aj kuri/ou,
a)napolw=n ta\ a)rxai=a tera/stia/ sou
o'e)mnh/sqhn tw=n e1rgwn kuri/ou,
o(ti mnhsqh/somai a)po\ th=j a)rxh=j tw=n qaumasi/wn sou
s'tw=n perinoiw=n
o'tw=n e1rgwn

periskope/w to look around, to observe carefullyhpc (qal) 36,32

perispouda/zw to be very eager, to observe eagerlydcr (piel) 67,17
s'ei)j ti/ perispouda/zete ta\ o1rh ta\ u3yhla/;
o'i(na ti/ u3polamba/nete, o1rh teturwme/na

periste/gw to cover all aroundKks 138,13
s'periste/geij129 mou e)n gastri\ mhtro/j mou
o'a)ntela/bou mou e)k gastro\j mhtro/j mou

peristoixi/zw to surround as with toils or netsPqn (hifil) 47,13
s'kai\ peristoixi/sate130 au)th/n
o'kai\ perila/bete au)th/n

perisw|/zw:; to save from deathhyx (piel)131 40,3
s'ku/rioj fula/cei au)to/n, kai\ perisw/sei au)to/n
o'ku/rioj diafu/lacai au)to\n kai\ zh=sai au)to/n
s'e)a\n poreuqw= dia\ me/sou qli/yewj, perisw/seij me
o'e)a\n poreuqw= e)n me/sw| qli/yewj, zh/seij me

peritei/xisma surrounding wall rwc 88,27
s'*o3 qeo/j mou kai\ peritei/xisma th=j swthri/aj mou
o'qeo/j mou kai\ a)ntilh/mptwr th=j swthri/aj mou

peri/fragma:; fence, surrounding walltrgsm132 17,46
s'*ui3oi\ a)llo/trioi a)timwqh/sontai
kai\ e)ntraph/sontai a)po\ perifragma/twn au)tw=n
o'ui3oi\ a)llo/trioi e)palaiw/qhsan
kai\ e)xw/lanan a)po\ tw=n tri/bwn au)tw=n
rcbm 88,41
s'*die/koyaj pa/ntaj tou\j qrigkou\j au)tou=,
e)poi/hsaj pa/nta ta\ perifra/gmata au)tou= h(tthsin:
o'kaqei=lej pa/ntaj tou\j fragmou\j au)tou=
e1qou ta\ o)xurw/mata au)tou= deili/an

plh/kthj strikerhkn 34,15
s'*sunh/gonto kat' e)mou= plh=ktai, kai\ ou)k h|)/dein
o'sunh/xqhsan e)p' e)me\ ma/stigej, kai\ ou)k e1gnwn

polukarpi/a abundance of fruitbr 64,10
s'polukarpi/a| plouti/seij au)th/n
o'e)plh/qunaj tou= plouti/sai au)th/n

proe/leusij; going out, procession)cwm133 64,9
s'ta\j proeleu/seij tou= o1rqrou kai\ th=j e3spe/raj
u3mnologou/saj poih/seij
o'e)co/douj prwi/aj kai\ e3spe/raj
)cy (qal) 120,8
s'ku/rioj fula/cei th\n proe/leusi/n sou kai\ th\n ei1sodo/n sou
o'ku/rioj fula/cei th\n ei1sodo/n sou kai\ th\n e1codo/n sou
)cwm 18,7
s'h( proe/leusij au)tou=, kai\ h( ku/klwsij au)tou=
o'h( e1codoj au)tou= kai\ to\ kata/nthma au)tou=

proko/ptw to make progressxlc (qal) 44,5
s'kai\ e)n tw|= a)ciw/mati/ sou pro/kopte kai\ a)kolou/qei
o'kai\ e1kteinon kai\ kateuodou= kai\ basi/leue

prophlaki/zw to trample in the mire, to humiliatePrx (piel) 54,13
s'ou) ga\r e)xqro\j proephla/kise/ me, i(na basta/cw
o'o(ti ei) e)xqro\j w)nei/dise/n me, u3ph/negka a!n
C)n (piel) 73,10

prophlakismo/j humiliation, contumelious treatmentg(l 43,14
s'prophlakismo\n meta\ xleuasmou= toi=j ku/klw| h(mw=n
o'mukthrismo\n kai\ katage/lwta toi=j ku/klw| h(mw=n

prosble/pw; to look at or upon+bn (hifil)134 83,10
s'u3peraspista\ h(mw=n, i)de/, o3 qeo/j,
kai\ pro/sbleyon to\ pro/swpon tou= xristou= sou
o'u3peraspista\ h(mw=n, i)de/, o3 qeo/j,
kai\ e)pi/bleyon e)pi\ to\ pro/swpon tou= xristou= sou

proseri/zw:; to provoke to angerhrm (qal)135 77,8
s'genea\ a)peiqh\j kai\ proseri/zousa
o'genea\ skolia\ kai\ parapikrai/nousa

prospai/w to strike againstPgn (qal) 90,12
s'e)pi\ xeirw=n bata/sousi/ se,
i(na mh\ prospai/sh| e)n li/qw| podi/ sou
o'e)pi\ xeirw=n a)rou=si/n se,
mh/pote prosko/yh|j pro\j li/qon to\n po/da sou

profora/ utterance)cwm 88,35
s'*ou) bebhlw/sw th\n sunqh/khn mou
ou)de\ th\n profora\n tw=n xeile/wn mou a)lla/cw
o'ou)de\ mh\ bebhlw/sw th\n diaqh/khn mou
kai\ ta\ e)kporeuo/mena dia\ tw=n xeile/wn mou ou) mh\ a)qeth/sw

prwtei=oj; of the first quality; to/ - the first, the primety#$)r136 77,51
s'*prwtei=on duna/mewj au)tw=n e)n tai=j skhnw/sesi Xam
o'a)parxh\n tw=n po/nwn au)tw=n e)n toi=j skhnw/masi Xam
s'prwtei=on pa/shj duna/mewj au)tw=n
o'a)parxh\n panto\j po/nou au)tw=n
rypw) 44,10
s'pare/sth h( pallakh\ e)k deciw=n sou e)n xrusw|= prwtei/w|
o'pare/sth h( basi/lissa e)k deciw=n sou e)n i3matismw|= diaxru/sw|
+ 67,14
s'ta\ de\ me/lh au)th=j xlwri/zonta xrusi/w| prwtei/w|
o'kai\ ta\ meta/frena au)th=j e)n xlwro/thti xrusi/ou
+ 118,127
s'kai\ xrusi/on prwtei=on
o'kai\ topa/zion

pu/kasma covered; thick; dense boughs?tb(137 117,27
s'sundh/sate e)n panhgu/rei puka/smata
o'susth/sasqe e3orth\n e)n toi=j puka/zousin

pwma/zw to cover, to cover uphsk (piel) 139,10
s'o3 pikrasmo\j tw=n kuklou/ntwn me,
o3 mo/xqoj tw=n xeile/wn au)tw=n pwmasa/tw au)tou/j
o'h( kefalh\ tou= kuklw/matoj au)tw=n,
ko/poj tw=n xeile/wn au)tw=n kalu/yei au)tou/j

r(ei=qron:; river, streamtlb#$138 68,3
s'ei)sh=lqon ei)j ta\ ba/qh tw=n u3da/twn, kai\ r(ei=qron
e)pe/kluse/ me
o'h]lqon ei)j ta\ ba/qh th=j qala/sshj kai\ kataigi\j
katepo/ntise/n me
lzn 77,44
s'tou= metabalo/ntoj ei)j ai[ma tou\j potamou\j au)tw=n,
kai\ ta\ r(ei=qra au)tw=n i(na mh\ pi/wsin
o'kai\ mete/streyen ei)j ai[ma tou\j potamou\j au)tw=n
kai\ ta\ o)mbrh/mata au)tw=n, o(pwj mh\ pi/wsin
lxn 35,9
s'kai\ to\ r(ei=qron th=j pankarpi/aj sou
o'kai\ to\n xeima/rroun th=j trufh=j sou
dwdg 64,11
s'u3po\ tw=n r(ei/qrwn au)th=j
o'plh/qunon ta\ genh/mata au)th=j

r(izobole/w to strike root#$r#$ (hifil) 79,10
s'kai\ e)rrizobo/lhsaj ta\j r(i/zaj au)th=j
o'kai\ katefu/teusaj ta\j r(i/zaj au)th=j

si/thsij; food, provisionsdyc139 131,15
s'th\n si/thsin au)th=j eu)logw=n eu)logh/sw
o'th\n qh/ran au)th=j eu)logw=n eu)logh/sw

sitisto/j; for food, fattenedN#$b140 21,13
s'tau=roi sitistoi\ perie/sthsa/n moi
o'tau=roi pi/onej perie/sxon me

ska/zw; to limp(lc141 34,15
s'*ska/zontoj de/ mou hu)frai/nonto kai\ h)qroi/zonto
o'kai\ kat' e)mou= hu)fra//nqhsan kai\ sunh/xqhsan
(rk (hifil)142 17,40
s'*ska/zein e)poi/hsaj

skolieu/omai to be crooked, to be unjustltp (hitp) 17,27
s'*pro\j kaqaro\n kaqareu/sh|
kai\ pro\j skolio\n skolieu/sh|
o'kai\ meta\ e)klektou= e)klekto\j e1sh|
kai\ meta\ streblou= diestre/yeij

skotasmo/j:; darknessK#$xm143 87,19
s'kai\ tou\j gnwstou/j mou skotasmo/n
o'kai\ tou\j gnwstou/j mou a)po\ talaipwri/aj

skwri/a; dross of metalMygys144 118,119
s'skwri/an e)logi/sw pa/ntaj parano/mouj
o'parabai/nontaj e)logisa/mhn pa/ntaj tou\j a(martwlou/j

sterro/thj hardnessrwc 88,44
s'*a)lla\ kai\ a)pe/streyaj th\n sterro/that th=j maxai/raj au)tou=
o'a)pe/streyaj th\n boh/qeian th=j r(omfai/aj au)tou=

stra/teusij expedition(bc 59,12
s'ei) mh\ su/, o3 qeo/j, o3 a)poballo/menoj h(ma=j,
kai\ mh\ proselqw\n e)n tai=j strateu/sesin h(mw=n;
o'ou)xi\ su/, o3 qeo/j, o3 a)pwsa/menoj h(ma=j;
kai\ ou)k e)celeu/sh|, o3 qeo/j, e)n tai=j duna/mesin h(mw=n
s'e)n tai=j strateu/sesin h(mw=n
o'e)n tai=j duna/mesin h(mw=n

sugkatagnu/mi; to crush, to breakCxm (qal)145 17,39
s'*sugkatea/cw au)tou\j, kai\ ou)k h)dunh/qhsan u3posth=nai,
e1pesan u3po\ tou\j po/daj mou
o'e)kqli/yw au)tou/j, kai\ ou) mh\ du/nwntai sth=nai,
pesou=ntai u3po\ tou\j po/daj mou
s'o(pwj sugkatea/ch| o3 pou/j sou meta\ ai(matoj,
kai\ la/yh| h( glw=ssa tw=n kunw=n sou
a)po\ e3ka/stou tw=n e)xqrw=n sou
o'o(pwj a@n bafh|= o3 pou/j sou e)n ai(mati,
h( glw=ssa tw=n kunw=n sou
e)c e)xqrw=n par' au)tou=
rb#$ 28,5

sugkrate/w to hold fast, to keep in controlKmt (qal) 16,5

sugkrou/w to bring into collision?, to exact (as a pra/ktwr)#$qn (piel) 108,11
s'su/gkrousai pra/ktwr pa/nta ta\ u3pa/rxonta au)tw|=
o'e)cereunhsa/tw daneisth\j pa/nta, o(sa u3pa/rxei au)tw|=

sugku/rhma; occurrenceb+q146 90,6
s'ou) sugku/rhma daimoniw=dej meshmbri/aj
o'a)po\ sumptw/matoj kai\ daimoni/ou meshmbrinou=

sunaire/w to make an end of, to annihilatePs) (qal)147 25,9
s'mh\ sune/lh|j
o'mh\ sunapole/sh|j

sunarpagh/ robbery, plundering(gr148 34,20
s'*ou) ga\r ei)j ei)rh/nhn lalou=sin
a)lla\ peri\ sunarpagh=j e)n th|= gh|=
lo/gouj doli/ouj logi/zontai
o'o(ti e)moi\ me\n ei)rhnika\ e)la/loun
kai\ e)p' o)rgh\n
do/louj dielogi/zonto

suna/feia: connection, junctionrbx (pual)149 121,3
s'suna/feian e1xousan o3mou=
o'h[j h( metoxh\ au)th=j e)pi\ to\ au)to/

sundiaite/omai to live together#$gr 54,15
s'e)n tw|= oi1kw| tou= qeou= a)nestrefo/meqa sundiaitou/menoi
o'e)n tw|= oi1kw| tou= qeou= e)poreu/qhmen e)n o3monoi/a|

suneudo/khsij formal consenthcr (qal) 61,5
s'plh\n a)pa/rantej e)bouleu/santo a)pw/sasqai
suneudo/khsin e)n yeu/smati
o'plh\n th\n timh/n mou e)bouleu/santo a)pw/sasqai,
e1dramon e)n yeu/dei

sunh/qhj; friend, intimatePwl)150 54,14
s'a)lla\ su/, a!nqrwpe o3mo/tropo/j moi, sunh/qhj kai\ gnwrimo/j moi
o'su\ de/, a!nqrwpe i)so/yuxe, h(gemw/n mou kai\ gnwste/ mou

suske/ptomai to take counsel togetherdsy (nifal) 2,2
s'kai\ u(parxoi suske/ptontai o3moqumado/n
o'kai\ oi3 a!rxontej sunh/xqhsan e)pi\ to\ au)to/
s'o(pote suske/ptontai e)pi\ to\ au)to\ kat' e)me/
o'e)n tw|= e)pisunaxqh=nai au)tou\j a(ma e)p' e)me/
C(y (nifal) 82,6
s'*mhke/ti o(ti suske/yanto: o3moqumado/n
o'o(ti e)bouleu/santo e)n o3monoi/a| e)pi\ to\ au)to/

su/skeyij much considerationdws 63,3
s'kru/yeij me a)po\ suske/yewj kakou/rgwn,
a)po\ kukh/sewj e)rgazome/nwn a)diki/an
o'e)ske/pasa/j me a)po\ sustrofh=j ponhreuome/nwn,
a)po\ plh/qouj e)rgazome/nwn th\n a)nomi/an

susfigkth/r band, lacetwcb#$m 44,14
s'dia\ susfigkth/rwn xrusw=n h)mfiesme/nh poiki/la
o'e)n krosswtoi=j xrusoi=j peribeblhme/nh pepoikilme/nh

tera/stioj; prodigious, miraculoustw)lpn151 25,7
s'ta\ tera/stia/ sou
o'ta\ qauma/sia/ sou
s'pa/mpolla e)poi/hsaj su/, ku/rie o3 qeo/j mou,
ta\ tera/stia/ sou, kai\ tou\j dialogismou/j sou u3pe\r h(mw=n
ou)k e1stin e)kqe/sqai e)pi\ sou=
o'polla\ e)poi/hsaj su/, ku/rie o3 qeo/j mou,
ta\ qauma/sia/ sou, kai\ toi=j dialogismoi=j sou
ou)k e1stin ti/j o3moiwqh/setai/ soi
s'kai\ ta\ tera/stia au)tou= ta\ ei)j tou\j ui3ou\j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn
o'kai\ ta\ qauma/sia au)tou= toi=j u3ioi=j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn
s'tera/stia e)k tou= no/mou sou
o'ta\ qauma/sia/ sou e)k tou= no/mou sou
s'ta\ tera/stia/ sou
o'ta\ qauma/sia/ sou
s'o(ti e)ggu\j to\ o1noma/ sou tou= e)chgei=sqai au)to\ e(neka
tw=n terasti/wn sou
o'kai\ e)pikaleso/meqa to\ o1noma/ sou. dihgh/somai
ta\ qauma/sia/ sou
s'kai\ ta\ tera/stia au)tou= ta\ ei)j tou\j ui3ou\j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn
o'kai\ ta\ qauma/sia au)tou= toi=j ui3oi=j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn
)lp 76,12
s'a)nemimnh|sko/mhn ta\j perinoi/aj kuri/ou,
a)napolw=n ta\ a)rxai=a tera/stia/ sou
o'e)mnh/sqhn tw=n e1rgwn kuri/ou,
o(ti mnhsqh/somai a)po\ th=j a)rxh=j tw=n qaumasi/wn sou
s'a}ra nekroi=j poih/seij tera/stia;
o'Mh\ toi=j nekroi=j poih/seij qauma/sia;
tpwm 77,43
s'*tou= poih/santoj ta\ shmei=a au)tou=
kai\ ta\ tera/stia au)tou= e)n Ai)gu/ptw| e)n pedi/w| Ta/newj
o'w(j e1qeto e)n Ai)gu/ptw| ta\ shmei=a au)tou=
kai\ ta\ te/rata au)tou= e)n pedi/w| Ta/newj

teu=xoj; volume, roll (of writing material)hlgm152 39,8
s'e)n tw|= teu/xei tou= o3rismou= sou
o'e)n kefali/di bibli/ou

thmele/w; to take care oflhn (piel)153 30,4
s'*kai\ e(neka tou= o)no/mato/j sou o3dhgh/seij me
kai\ thmelh/seij mou
o'kai\ e(neken tou= o)no/mato/j sou o3dhgh/seij me
kai\ diaqre/yeij me
s'e)thme/lhse/ me
o'e)ce/qreye/n me

tribano/omai to be consumed, to grow weakqt( (qal) 6,8
s'e)tribanw/qhn dia\ tou\j qli/bonta/j me
o'e)palaiw/qhn e)n pa=sin toi=j e)xqroi=j mou

trugi/a lees, sedimentrm#$154 74,9
s'plh\n ta\j trugi/aj au)tou= e)kstraggiou=si
pi/nontej oi3 fau=loi th=j gh=j
o'plh\n o3 trugi/aj au)tou= ou)k e)cekenw/qh,
pi/ontai pa/ntej oi3 a(martwloi\ th=j gh=j

trw=sij wounding, injuryllx155 76,11
s'i(na ei1pw, trw=si/j mou e)sti/n,
e)pi\ deute/rwsin decia=j tou= u3yi/stou
o'kai\ ei]pa Nu=n h)rca/mhn,
au(th h( a)lloi/wsij th=j decia=j tou= u3yi/stou

u(mnologe/w sing hymns, praiserbd llh (piel) 55,11
s'to\n qeo\n u(mnologh/sw,
dia\ tou= qeou= u3mnopoih/somai lo/gon
o'e)pi\ tw|= qew|= ai)ne/sw r(h=ma,
e)pi\ tw|= kuri/w| ai)ne/sw lo/gon
Ngr (hifil) 64,9
s'ta\j proeleu/seij tou= o1rqrou kai\ th=j e3spe/raj
u(mnologou/saj poih/seij
o'e)co/douj prwi/aj kai\ e3spe/raj

u(mnologi/a; hymn-singingMmwr156 149,6
s'ai3 u(mnologi/ai
o'ai3 u(yw/seij

u(mnopoie/omai to make hymnsllh (piel) 55,11
s'to\n qeo\n u3mnologh/sw,
dia\ tou= qeou= u(mnopoih/somai lo/gon
o'e)pi\ tw|= qew|= ai)ne/sw r(h=ma,
e)pi\ tw|= kuri/w| ai)ne/sw lo/gon

u3parxoj; subordinate commanderNzr157 2,2
s'suni/stantai basilei=j th=j gh=j
kai\ u3parxoi suske/ptontai o(moqumado/n
o'pare/sthsan oi3 basilei=j th=j gh=j,
kai\ oi3 a!rxontej sunh/xqhsan e)pi\ to\ au)to/

u(perdike/w to act as an advocatebyr (qal) 42,1
s'kai\ u(perdi/khson th=j di/khj mou
o'kai\ di/kason th\n di/khn mou
s'u(perdi/khson th=j di/khj mou
o'kri=non th\n kri/sin mou
Nyd 67,6
s'kai\ u(perdikou=ntoj xhrw=n
o'kai\ kritou= tw=n xhrw=n

u(pe/reisma supportKms (qal) 53,6

u(perepiqume/w to desire exceedinglyKmt (qal) 118,174
s'i)dou\ u(perepequ/mhsa
o'i)dou\ e)pequ/mhsa

u(podei/kthj one who points outhrwm 83,7
s'a)lla\ kai\ eu)logi/aij peribalei= o3 u(podei/kthj
o'kai\ ga\r eu)logi/aj dw/sei o3 nomoqetw=n

u(porqo/w to supportr#$) 43,19
s'ou)de\ metekli/qh ta\ u(porqou=nta h(ma=j a)po\ th=j o3dou= sou
o'kai\ e)ce/klinaj ta\j tri/bouj h(mw=n a)po\ th=j o3dou= sou
s'par' ou)de\n e)lu/qh ta\ u(porqou=nta/ me
o'par' o)li/gon e)cexu/qh ta\ diabh/mata/ mou
s'kai\ ou) peritraph/setai ta\ u(porqou=nta au)to/n
o'kai\ ou)x u3poskelisqh/setai ta\ diabh/mata au)tou=
s'kai\ h(drase ta\ u(porqou=nta/ me
o'kai\ kathu/qunen ta\ diabh/mata/ mou

u(poru/ssw to dig under, to underminerpx (qal) 34,7
s'a)naiti/wj u(pw/rucan th\n yuxh/n mou
o'ma/thn w)nei/disan th\n yuxh/n mou
hrk (qal) 118,85
s'u(pw/ruca/n moi u3perh/fanoi u3po/geia
o'dihgh/santo/ moi para/nomoi a)dolesxi/aj

fora/ that which is brought forth, producelwby 66,7
s'gh= dw/sei th\n fora\n au)th=j
o'gh= e1dwken to\n karpo\n au)th=j

fu/shma; blowing, that which is blown uphpy158 26,12
s'kai\ e)kfe/rontej fush/mata a!dika
o'kai\ e)yeu/sato h( a)diki/a

xai/th; loose, flowing hair, foliage (metaph.)rycq159 79,12
s'e)ce/teine ta\j xai/taj au)th=j
o'e)ce/teinen ta\ klh/mata au)th=j

xaristiko/j giving freely, generousNnx (qal) 111,5
s'a)gaqo\j a!nqrwpoj xaristiko\j kai\ kixrw=n,
oi)konomw=n ta\ pra/gmata au)tou= meta\ kri/sewj
o'xrhsto\j a)nh\r o3 oi)kti/rwn kai\ kixrw=n,
oi)konomh/sei tou\j lo/gouj au)tou= e)n kri/sei

xaropoie/w make joyful, delighthdx (piel) 20,7
s'xaropoih/seij au)to\n e)n eu)frosu/nh| para\ tou= prosw/pou sou
o'eu)franei=j au)to\n e)n xara|= meta\ tou= prosw/pou sou

xauno/w to weakengwm (pilel) 64,11
s'u3po\ tw=n r(ei/qrwn au)th=j,
tai=j yeka/sin xaunw/seij au)th/n
o'plh/qunon ta\ genh/mata au)th=j,
e)n tai=j stago/sin au)th=j eu)franqh/setai

xioni/zomai to snow upon, to cover with snowgl#$ (hifil) 67,15
s'o(pote kateme/rizen o3 i3kano\j basileu/ein au)th/n,
w(j xionisqei=sa h]n Selmw/n
o'e)n tw|= diaste/llein to\n e)poura/nion basilei=j
e)p' au)th=j xionwqh/sontai e)n Selmw/n

xolo/omai to be provoked to angerrb( (hitp.) 77,21
s'kai\ e)xolw/qh
o'kai\ a)neba/leto
s'*kai\ e)xolw/qh
o'kai\ u3perei=den
s'*kai\ e)n th|= klhrouxi/a| au)tou= e)xolw/qh
o'kai\ th\n klhronomi/an au)tou= u3perei=den
s'*e)xolw/qhj pro\j to\n xristo/n sou:
o'a)neba/lou to\n xristo/n sou

yeu=sma:; lie, fraudbzk160 61,5
s'e)n yeu/smati
o'e)n yeu/dei

w(sperei/ just aswmk 57,9
s'w(sperei\ xo/rion dialuqe\n diafwnei=
o'w(sei\ khro\j o3 takei\j a)ntanaireqh/sontai

© TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, 2000.


1For these introductory remarks see especially Salvesen 1991: v-vii.

2During the Rich Seminar on the Hexapla, held at Oxford in 1994, it was agreed that a new collection of Hexapla fragments was a desideratum. Field's impressive work is no longer up to date, if only because new sources have come to light since then.

3About the identity of Symmachus see also van der Kooij 1981, 1988.

4The lists in question are most often based on those of Hatch and Redpath. They will have to be revised in the following stages of our project.

5The same Hebrew expression occurs in Ps 30(31),23, with the same translation in LXX; in that context Symmachus replaces ekstasij by ekplhcij another word that does not occur in LXX.

6See, e.g., Köhler and Baumgartner 1958: 320 and Köhler and Baumgartner 1967: 326: (in Angst) forthasten; Clines 1993-: 3:286: make haste, hurry away, be alarmed.

7In the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible, the participle is exclusively used in Ezekiel: 3,15; 19,6; 22,7; 29.30. The translation of the passages in chapter 22 is rather free. In 22,29 Symmachus appropriately uses sukofantew to render q#$(, and in 22,30 oikodomounta fragmon for MT rdg rdg (to build a wall).

8See also Sym Prov 19,11.

9See also Sym Job 39,13.

10See also Sym Eccl 7,17; Ezek 3,15; Aq Job 18,20.

11See also Sym Deut 33,26; Job 36,28; 37,18.21; Prov 8,28; Jer 51(28),9.

12LXX reads the substantive Mlf(o with the suffix, whereas MT and Symmachus read the passive participle of Ml( hidden (fault).

13See also Sym Jer 29(49),11; Aq Ps 61,9.

14Busto Saiz notes a second occurence: 25,11; compare Hatch and Redpath. According to them, it is in that instance also attested in Theodotion. Field does not mention this case.

15Busto Saiz notes a supplementary instance: Ps 144,7. See also Sym Prov 15,2; 18,4; Aq Prov 1,23; 15,2; 18,4; Th Prov 1,23.

16See also Sym Hos 6,2; Hab 3,2; Aq Hos 6,2.

17See also Sym 1 Sam 30,12; Lam 1,16.

18LXX prosde/contai they shall hope--wrb#&y for MT wrb#$y they shall break.

19LXX eu)pre/peian beauty--M(wn for MT Nw(m place, habitation.

20Symmachus probably read tlxt for MT hlht, see Schleusner. For a more detailed discussion see Schenker 1975: 247.

21LXX interprets the Hebrew noun l) God, at the end of verse 2 in MT, as the negative particle, and connects it with the first verb of verse 3.

22See also Sym Gen 2,7; Job 6,4; 27,3; Isa 57,16; Aq Gen 2,7; Job 41,8; Isa 2,21; 57,16; Th Gen 2,7; Isa 57,16.

23See also Sym Job 21,34.

24According to Hatch and Redpath, this term also occurs in 4 Macc 13,19, in Ms A.

25See also Sym Job 12,24.

26  )Antikru/j is used more frequently, especially in Sym.

27See also Sym Gen 48,14.

28See also Sym Job 24,17; Prov 19,7.

29MT K1rdh your splendor; LXX read Krdh, a verbal form of Krd Krdh.

30The verb also occurs in LXX 1 Kgs (3 Kgdms) 9,25 Ms A; see also Sym 1 Sam 21,7; Aq Gen 34,21; Deut 25,15; 27,6; 1 Kgs 9,25; Isa 60,20; Hos 10,14; Am 1,6.

31See also Sym Job 48,32; (Ps 30,20?); Aq Deut 33,19; Ps 30,20.

32See also Sym Cant 5,6.

33See also Sym 1 Sam 18,23; Eccl 8,14; Aq 1 Sam 18,23; Prov 28,3; Th Prov 18,23; 28,3.

34Most Mss have a)pesiw/phsa.

35See also Sym Ezek 4,3; Th Ps 91,12.

36See also Sym Isa 63,8.

37See Schenker 1975: 75.

38This verb also occurs in 2 Macc 2,28 Ms A; see also Sym 1 Sam 30,10; Aq Pss 17,37; 25,1.

39See Hatch and Redpath and the appendix in Field.

40See also Aq Job 5,16; Reider and Turner mark this word with a dagger, which here erroneously suggests that, among the Biblical translators, it is used only by Aquila.

41Busto Saiz adds 91,3, without support of Hatch and Redpath or Field; see also Aq Pss 59,6; 141,1.

42See also Sym Cant 1,17; Isa 60,13. According to Schleusner, the translator transliterated the Hebrew word. LXX may have interpreted My#$wrb as a form of #$)r.

43See also Sym Am 1,2; Jer 2,15; (25,30); 32,16; Aq Pss 21,14; 37,9; 73,4; Am 1,2; Jer 2,15; (25,30); 32,16.

44MT reads dw#$y, devastates.

45See also Sym Exod 15,13; Aq Ps 30,4; Isa 51,18.

46LXX seems to have read ryd) for MT Mdd).

47See also Sym Cant 6,5.

48See also Sym Dan 2,1.

49See also Aq Isa 63,1.

50Although this verb occurs also in LXX (1 Sam 9,25), it is noted here because Busto Saiz lists it under diastore/nnumi whereas in our lexicon (Lust 1992) it is to be found under diastrw/nnumi.

51Frequently used in Aq and Th. In Symmachus' translation of Ps 34,24 the direct evidence provided by the Mercati fragments has dikaiosu/nh. The indirect evidence attesting dikasi/a may be erroneously attributed to him. See also Sym Aq Th Prov 25,9.

52According to Schleusner, Symmachus read Nwcrk (sic).

53See also Aq Ps 94,10; Ezek 6,9; 20,43.

54Field: Sym kata/dusin.

55See also Sym Prov 4,18.

56See also Sym Job 4,13; Ezek 26,16; Aq 1 Sam 14,15.

57See also Sym Aq Th Isa 51,17; Ezek 23,34, and LXX Ms A in Ezek 23,34.

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61See also Sym Lev 17,14; Hos 4,17.

62See also Aq Sym Th Isa 1,14.

63See also Sym 2 Sam 6,16?; Prov 6,30; Cant 8,1.7.

64LXX Sir 32,9: passive form.

65LSJ: interrupt in speaking, Sm Ps. 122(123)4. See also in LXX Jer 8,17 Ms A.

66Field: yiqurismo/j, retranslation from Syh.

67This word is Symmachus' stereotyped rendition of xcnm(l) in the titles of Pss 4,1; 5,1; 6,1; 8,1; 9,1; 10,1; 11,1; 12,1; 17,1; 18,1; 19,1; 20,1; 21,1; 30,1; 35,1; 38,1; 39,1; 40,1; 43,1; 44,1; 45,1; 48,1 52,1; 53,1; 54,1; 55,1; 59,1; 61,1; 74,1; 76,1; 83,1; 84,1; 87,1; 108,1; see also Aq Th Pss 83,1; 84,1; 87,1.

68See also LXX Job 29,4 Ms S; Aq Job 5,4; 19,2; Isa 53,10.

69See also Aq Ps 2,5.

70Busto Saiz adds 54,5 (= me/rimna foberh/ [sic]); see also Aq Deut 10,21; 2 Sam 7,23; Pss 44,5; 88,8; Isa 44,3; Mal 1,14; 3,22 (4,4).

71See also Sym Job 3,14; Ezek 13,4; 33,24; Aq Th Ps 108,10. In Ps 9,7 LXX read brexe sword for MT hbrx ruin.

72Field ascribes this passage to oi( loipoi/.

73See also Sym Cant 6,3.

74See also Sym Job 36,11; LXX Sir 1,26 Ms S.

75See also Sym Prov 15,15.

76See also Sym Job 2,5.

77See also Sym Isa 50,9.

78These two occurrences are listed by Busto Saiz, but are not confirmed by Hatch and Redpath or Field.

79The expression is repeated.

80See also Sym Exod 10,22; Job 23,3; Isa 59,9.

81See note in Field and in Schleusner.

82See also Aq Pss 1,2; 31,4.

83The term is listed by Busto Saiz, but cannot be found in Field nor in Hatch and Redpath; the text of Sym reproduced here is a tentative reconstruction based on Field's translation of Syh, in which Field's neomhni/a| is replaced with h(mimhni/a|.

84See also Sym Job 38,19; 39,28; Isa 34,14; Jer 26(46),26.

85See also Sym Judg 18,7; Job 4,16; 34,29; Isa 28,12; 30,15; Jer 6,16; Aq Ps 121,7 (not in Reider and Turner).

86See also Sym Job 26,5; Prov 9,18; 21,16.

87See also Aq ibidem.

88See Field and Busto Saiz, 404, note; Aquila appears to read qerath/j.

89See also Aq Jer 32,24 (25,38).

90The term occurs also in LXX 2 Macc 10,25; 12,42 Ms A; Th Ps 27,6; Prov 18,23.

91See also Sym Cant 1,4; Isa 49,13; 55,12.

92The verb is also used in some Mss of LXX Job 3,21

93In this passage Symmachus and LXX have a different understanding of rb. Symmachus reads rb II pure whereas LXX reads rb I son. See also LXX 2 Macc kaqarw=j in Ms A.

94See also Aq Deut 16,3; Pss 9,14; 30,8; 131,1.

95Var. kakw/sewj (Eusebius).

96See also Sym Ezek 21,11.

97See also Sym Mic 2,6.

98See also Aq Th Ps 40,10.

99See also Sym Exod 3,7?

100See also Sym Lam 1,7.

101See the differences between the meanings of Pld I to drip and II to be sleepless.

102See also Sym Gen 37,26; Eccl 4,9; Mic 4,13; Hatch and Redpath list also Aq Ezek 27,24 (where Ziegler's Göttingen edition [Ziegler 1977] has ke/droj), and Th Gen 37,26 ascribed to a!lloj by Wevers in the Göttingen edition (Wevers 1974).

103See also Aq Ps 49,9.

104The substantive is also used in LXX Neh 11,20 Ms S.

105See also Aq Ps 102,5 (according to Hatch and Redpath; Field ascribes it to a!lloj).

106See also Sym Prov 20,9; Aq Isa 1,16.

107See also Sym Judg 5,13; Ezek 11,13.

108See also Sym Isa 27,9; 28,28; Aq Th Isa 28,28.

109Probably read as an active form of dd#$ by Symmachus.

110See also Sym Num 11,8; Judg 9,9; Isa 66,11.

111Listed by Busto Saiz, without confirmation in Hatch and Redpath, Field.

112See also Sym Gen 49,19; 1 Sam 30,8.15; 2 Sam 3,22; Job 19,12.

113See also Sym 1 Chr 25,1.3; Aq Ps 150,3.

114See also Sym 1 Sam 8,3.

115See also Aq Ps 1,3; Aq Th Ps 91,14.

116See also Aq Ps 88,38.

117See also Sym Gen 2,18?; Aq Gen 22,2; Pss 21,21; 24,16; 34,17; Prov 43?; Th Ps 67,7.

118See also Aq Ps 78,13.

119See also Sym Jer 19,6.

120This term is used most frequently by Aquila; Symmachus and Aquila are said to share the use of the term in Deut 1,1; 3,10; Josh 13,9; Ps 25,12; see also Th 2 Sam 2,29; Ps 25,12.

121The word is also used in LXX Esth 2,14 Ms A.

122See also Sym Ezek 27,35; Th Isa 13,21; 34,14.

123See also Sym Job 22,24; Ezek 34,13.

124See also Sym Job 36,31.

125See also Sym Jer 6,28.

126See also LXX 4 Macc 4,14.

127See also Sym Job 12,24.

128See also Sym Jon 2,9.

129See Busto Saiz. Field has a)ph/rtisa/j me e)n gastri\ mhtro/j mou (translation of Syh).

130See Busto Saiz; compare Field who has periteixi/zw, and the note in Field's edition.

131This term also occurs in LXX 1Sam 30,14 Ms A; see also Sym 2 Sam 8,2; Ezek 13,19; 33,5; Prov 19,5; Aq 2 Sam 23,18; Pss 88,8; 114,1; Prov 11,21; 19,5; Aq Th Isa 49,24.

132See also Sym Ezek 46,23; Mic 7,12; Aq Ps 88,41; Mic 7,12; Th Isa 29,1; Mic 7,12.

133See also Sym Exod 21,7; Deut 33,18; Prov 4,23.

134See also Sym Jon 2,5.

135See also Sym Deut 9,7; 31,27; 1 Sam 15,23; Aq Exod 3,21; Deut 1,26; 9,7; 21,20; 31,27; Pss 5,11; 77,17; 104,28; 105,7; Isa 1,20; 3,8; Ezek 5,6.

136See also Sym Job 22,24; 28,16; Cant 5,13.

137See also Ezek 31,14:
s'. . . puka/smatathick boughs
o'ei)j me/son nefelw=nin the midst of the clouds
Zimmerli says, "Driver . . . sees in Mytb( a forma mixta of twb( [clouds] and Myb( [thick boughs]. A scribe wanted to replace the feminine plural form of b( (attested only twice) by the more common (seven times) masculine plural. Thus twb( will have been the original reading" (Zimmerli 1983: 142). See also 19,11; 31,10.14.

138See also Sym Job 20,17; 28,10; Isa 27,12; Aq Exod 1,22; 7,19.24; Job 28,10; Isa 33,21

139See also Sym Job 30,4.

140See also Sym Jer 46(26), 21; compare Matt 22,4.

141See also Sym 1 Sam 17,39.

142The direct evidence of Ps 17,40 shows lacunae and is to be completed with the data derived from the Syro-Hexapla; for that reason we have printed it in italics.

143See also Sym Cant 1,5; Aq Isa 15,9.

144See also Sym Isa 1,25; Ezek 22,18a.

145See also Sym Ezek 6,9.

146See also Sym 1 Sam 20,26.

147This passage is listed by Busto Saiz, and by Hatch and Redpath; Field, however, does not give it.

148(ag"rf is a hapax, usually translated as "reposing, quiet"; Symmachus appears to have understood it in a different way; for the Septuagint, see Lust 1996, s.v. o)rgh/.

149See also Aq Sym (Ms M) Gen 3,16.

150See also Sym Eccl 17,9; Jer 13,21.

151See also Sym Num 13,34.

152See also Sym Isa 8,1; Ezek 2,9.

153See also Sym Isa 40,11.

154Hatch and Redpath do not seem to distinguish between h( trugi/a, and o( trugi/aj.

155See also Sym Cant 7,1; and Ezek 30,11 trw/sewn, for LXX traumatiw=n.

156See also Sym Job 33,26.

157This word also occurs in LXX 1 Esdr 6,26 Ms B; see also Sym Dan 2,48 (Syr).

158See also Sym Job 20,26.

159See also Sym Job 18,16.

160See also Sym Job 13,4; 34,6; Aq Th Job 34,6; Eccl 23,3.


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